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    Vextrex is a rip-off of peppa pig and cyriak
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    here are the characters i think deserve to be on this wiki 1 miss wicket mr bean the animated series seasons 1-3 reasons hitting mr bean becuse he accidently did something wrong 2 in royal bean she only cares about having money becuse shes broke meaning she is greedy 3 in camping bean at the end of an episode she hits a dog becuse the dog was aggresive with her and then goes for bean who thankfuly ran away she was the worst im the mole where she forced bean to hit a mole after capturing it which is straight up animal abuse 4 she has never gotten conneuppance for her gruesome actions 5 she is grumpy and mean spirited meaning she will shout at the top of her lungs if she has to ''''' 6 she even goes as far to hit people for things they didnt do stuff caused by mr bean reedeming qualities she was better in seasons 4-5 where she lowered down here voice and took a way nicer personality to mr bean by throwing him a suprise party 2 she did get her conneuppance in treasure 3 at least she doesnt hit people in seasons 4-5 execpt in wedding day ''' bratty kid loud house reasons 1 his voice is so annoying 2 he is a troublemaker and gets lincoln in to a lot of trouble 3 pinnaple boy sounds like a simp word 4 he causes trouble 5 he only cares about zombie bran by stealing it from lincoln in his hands the only reedeming quality 1 he got his connuppance the the end of the episode '''''''''''

    the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland reasons she will threaten to chop anyones head off if they do something accidently 2 she is mean and cruel even though shes a queen she seems like more of a witch she never gets karma or connupance 5 she uses animals to play golf which is cruel and animal abuse charming qualities her voice is nice 2 she can have funny moments 3 she is made up due to alice dreaming 4 she is the best characterin history scalper the loud house reasons why he should be incarcerated 1 he sold lincoln and clyde tickets meaning he sold tickets to two innocent boys and arrested them which he planted the tickets to trick them into buying scalp tickets 2 he only appeared infour bros about to rock about to rock meaning he is a one dimensional character 3 he is a mall cop in disguise as a scalper to trick people into buying tickets which is bribery 4 he is mean spirited 5 he never got his connupance making him a Karma Houdini reedeming qualities 1 john dilmaggio did a great job voicing him 2 his design is accurate

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