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    Ever since these two wikis have been disconnected from Qualitipedia many months back, they still haven't become fully independent yet. This post is meant to change that and get these wikis separated into independence completely after months of delay. This address is separated into three sections: listing of basic rules for the wiki to follow, the new management, and any user input I can get from the editorbase and the proposed new admins so I can adjust before I cut them off completely.

    Basic Rules

    I would like to apply some of QP’s rules to this proposal because while I am completely handling control over for the wiki to run independently, some basic ground rules should still be put into place as a sort of framework to keep people in line and are just general rules of thumb for these kinds of wikis and for the net in general.

    For Everyone

    • First and foremost, always abide by the Miraheze Code of Conduct and Content Policy.
    • Alternate account abuse, vandalism, spamming, and bad-faith attacks will lead to an immediate block, and depending on the situation users or admins being rude to one another will be given anything from a warning to a block.
    • Don’t publish a page that breaks any of the wiki’s local rules, or on the same level don’t add any edits that break local rules as well.
    • If a page is incomplete, please do not publish it prematurely until you are done with it in your sandbox, and preferably have another user or two look it over for you for some constructive criticism.
    • Don’t add categories on blogs and sandboxes in order to keep them away from the mainspace.

    For the New Admins

    • Please accept criticism from other users, outsiders, or even your fellow admins. Taking criticism and acting on it is the best way for the wiki to improve, as it’ll give what the community wants, not just your own vision.
    • In addition, get input from the other admins and users before making a decision, and wait for multiple people to provide input rather than just one or two.
    • Admins who are in-active for a span of over 3 months will have their rights removed due to inactivity. Rights may also be removed if an admin is being disrespectful, if they abuse power, or overall doesn’t use their power.
    • Remain civil and keep a cool head in tense situations. Examples include giving a user a warning before transitioning to a block depending on the severity, keep control in discussions and keep a neutral perspective in heated ones, and just generally don’t abuse your power in order to keep others in line.


    For the next part of this address, I want to talk about the new admins that will be put in place on this wiki. I have messaged about 6, and only 4 have responded to me, and given the time that has passed since, I would like the process to begin now so we don't waste any more time of these wikis not becoming independent. Here are the following new admins for the wikis:

    While I am perfectly confident in these users for helping manage these wikis, given that these are only two wikis then I preferably would have these new admins work together rather than having a leader/co-leader/admin approach like Qualitipedia. Of course since these wikis are splitting off completely the new team may change this structure if they would like, but this is my strongest recommendation for the team in this case due to the overall scope of the two wikis and that having a leader/admin structure would frankly be a bit pointless with the team size needed.


    Here users and the upcoming new admins can ask questions about the break into independence, whether it’s about positions on the wikis, a deeper look into the rules, policies, or generally anything that fits the topic at hand.


    That is all I have for now. After about a week discussion will be closed and the independence process will begin and the new admins and rules will be put into place. Thank you for reading, and have a good day. TigerBlazer (talk) 21:11, 12 April 2022 (UTC)

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