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    Bob Roth (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir)

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    Robert "Bob" Roth
    Deal with it, Bob! You will be a guest on this wiki, whether you like it or not!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Flanderized Greedy Boss
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Grant George
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir'

    Bob Roth is a recurring antagonist in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. He is Jagged Stone's producer and the father of XY.

    Why He Won't Make a Profit

    1. He is an obnoxious and egotistical boss who prioritizes gaining money and high ratings, and tries to pressure Jagged Stone into making more money rather than letting him perform as a hobby like he wanted.
    2. His jerkish attitude has made him unlikable by the other characters.
    3. In "Troublemaker", he had no concern when Marinette's parents told him that his cameras were invading Marinette's privacy, claiming he only wanted to boost the ratings.
    4. He was flanderized in the third season starting from "Silencer", where he became a corrupt executive who's willing to plagiarize other musicians and conspire with his son XY to boost his career through nepotism.
    5. He was willing to plagiarize Kitty Section for his and XY's own gain, and when Marinette and Luka confronted him he threatened to incriminate them for plagiarizing instead, which is defamation. This caused the nice-hearted Luka to be akumatized into Silencer.
    6. When Silencer came after him, he used Ladybug as a human shield to save his own skin, causing her to have her voice taken and being unable to use her Lucky Charm or detransform. Bob's moment of cowardice could have ruined Marinette's life for good had she not been able to trick Silencer.
    7. When Ladybug and Cat Noir tried to rescue him, Bob constantly mocked them and showed no gratitude to being rescued, leading the heroes to leave Bob tied to the chair (and Cat Noir to consider taking Silencer's side in the situation).
    8. After Luka was purified, Bob had no remorse for his actions and boasted about what he did, but luckily he was being recorded on TV and his actions were exposed to the public.
      1. He also insulted XY by calling him "talentless", making him feel sad. This proves that Bob only cares about himself.
    9. He was flanderized even more in "Ephemeral", where his greed has been exaggerated to petty levels similarly to Mr. Krabs: shown when he got akumatized after throwing a tantrum after losing one penny while yelling at everyone not to touch it.
      1. Even worse, Bob is part of a professional career worth millions, yet he shows his true colors and makes a fool out of himself in public and nobody notices, and his career is still intact.
    10. As his akumatized form Moolak, he enjoyed transforming people into coins within his safe so he can be rich, meaning he's technically mass-kidnapping people. (To be fair, he wasn't in full control over himself during akumatization.)
    11. Despite being exposed as a fraud in "Silencer", he became a Karma Houdini in Season 4 where he is still successful in spite of what he's done.
    12. In "Mr. Pigeon 72" he insisted on using pigeons for Adrien's photoshoot, claiming they're doves to sound professional since he used the pigeons in order to save money.
      1. When Adrien tells him he's allergic to pigeons, Bob didn't care and said "nothing is going to happen because they're doves", even though Adrien showed clear signs of being allergic.
      2. Factual inaccuracy: He constantly tells the other characters that the pigeons are doves and not pigeons, even though both pigeons and doves are part of the same family.
    13. In the same episode he kept on hypocritically blaming Mr. Ramier.
      1. When Gabriel told him that the photoshoot was a failure, he said "It's not my fault, it's HIS fault" even though he blatantly ignored Adrien's allergies even after he told him that he was allergic.
      2. When hearing Mr. Ramier call Edgar a pigeon, he was dumbfounded that it was a pigeon all along and accused Ramier of "cheating him out of the real thing". Even though he literally admitted that they were pigeons and kept on calling them doves!
    14. He threatened Mr. Ramier to have the mayor ban all pigeons from Paris for his (actually Bob's own) mistakes, causing Ramier's 72nd akumatization into Mr. Pigeon.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He was much more likeable in the first two seasons, since despite being a jerk he still wanted the best for Jagged's career.
    2. He made a fair point (at first) when telling Marinette to base her style on XY's as it would become more popular thanks to XY's popularity, even though Jagged proved otherwise.
    3. His punishment at the end of "Silencer" was satisfying with everyone realizing he's a fraud, even though Season 4 undid it afterwards.
    4. He inadvertently saved Adrien from Chloé Bourgeois' plan to take him out of school by deleted the incriminating video from her phone.
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