Arkasus "Arky" (Epic Seven)

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im just a random 14 year old who is a touhou fangirl

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"Master, why am I on this wiki? Kyuuu... I want a snack, maybe that will cheer me up!"

Bad Qualities

  1. Although he's supposed to be a guardian, he barely does anything to help his master.
    • He begs his master for treats, even if Ras is broke.
      • He's a guardian! Why would he care about nothing but treats? He can literally survive without it.
  2. His design is rather cute, but it doesn't fit as a guardian.
    • It's just a fluffy cloudy looking cat.
  3. His catchphrase kyuuuu is overused often and will get on your last nerves.
  4. He's just a generic "cute" pet stereotype except in mobile game media.
    • He talks about snacks in every. single. CHAPTER. Will he shut up for once?
      • Once again mentioned in #1, he can survive without it.
        • Most of the time he gets in trouble, even if it's for the most ridiculous reasons.
  5. Hypocrisy. He calls master cruel, when he is cruel himself at times.
    • He thinks master is causing trouble and yet he gets in trouble.
      • He calls master selfish when he is.
        • He thinks that Ras is the worst when he can be at his worse.
  6. He is the main reason why Ras is in a twenty year debt.
  7. Even though he is sometimes nice to Ras, it feels like he only cares about Mercedes.
  8. He never shuts up about being cute. We get it, you're cute. Shut up, please.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His design is cute.
  2. He cares about Ras deeply down.
  3. There is at times where he's actually serious.
  4. He can be funny at times.
  5. Depending on your point of view, he can be very likable.
  6. While being useless in the story, he's very useful in the game.



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