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    Bloberta Puppington (Moral Orel)

    Bloberta Puppington
    "Well you're the older one deal with it. And for goodness sake give him his toy back. The whole neighborhood's going to think I'm a bad mother."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Horrible Wife and Mother
    Age: 39-40 (65 as of Honor)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Britta Phillips
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Moral Orel
    First appearance: The Best Christmas Ever
    Last appearance: Honor

    Bloberta Puppington, neé Hymentact, is one of the main characters in the stop-motion animated Adult Swim series Moral Orel. She is the daughter of Raymond and Mrs. Hymentact, younger sister of Modella Hymentact, older sister of Lunchbox Hymentact, wife of Clay Puppington, and mother of Orel Puppington and Shapey Puppington.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Let's get the elephant out of the room: She's a neglectful mother towards her children.
    2. Unlike Clay, who actually has good qualities and is a well-written bad parent, she is very poorly written.
    3. She's pretty much the reason why Clay became an alcoholic since she was the one who introduced him to liquor.
    4. Speaking of BQ#3, she used to be an alcoholic, much like Clay is now.
    5. She was also an adulteress, meaning she cheated on her husband with other men, including Coach Stopframe.
    6. She used to be an emotional abuser as she would manipulate people and their feelings to abuse them too.
    7. She is your typical strict and stereotypical housewife, who has a cleaning obsession.
    8. She is arrogant, selfish, and cares little for her family's happiness, especially Orel's.
    9. Even when her children, especially Orel, give her love, she isn't happy and doesn't consider it real love, which makes her very cruel.
    10. Bloberta either gives bad advice to Orel; she lets Clay deal with his problems, showing she's not really good at giving advice, much like her husband.
    11. She's so obsessed with having an affair, that she leaves Shapey and Block at home constantly, just to make love to another man, showing she really doesn't care about watching over her kids.
    12. On the topic of Shapey and Block, she never punishes them for their bad behavior.

    Good Qualities

    1. Despite her flaws, she does have a few funny moments.
    2. She has a bad past with most of her family (except her father) not caring about her and neglecting her, so we can sympathize with her on that, which does explain her current behavior.
    3. She seems to have put behind some of her bad habits, she no longer drinks for example, after seeing how it negatively affected Clay.
    4. Britta Phillips does a great job voicing her.
    5. Her design looks great and decently.
    6. She started to mellow out some in later episodes, most notably in season 3.
    7. e does show that she truly cares for some of her family:
      • In her tragic past, she did get along with her father, who she spent time with and has a good bond with.
      • She does care about her oldest son, Orel, as she is shown to actually have concern for him whenever he gets hurt. For example, in "Nature Part 2", he tells Orel that whenever Clay drinks, his true nature comes out, and has a nice talk with him while Orel was recovering. Also, in "Numb", after having the talk with him from the previous episode, she left his room and is seen crying, showing she truly does love her son and is devastated that he got hurt that badly and gave Clay the cold shoulder, knowing he was the one who hurt Orel. In "Honor", the series finale, she told Clay that Orel should be with the family Christmas caroling instead of the dead bear that reminded them of the camping trip where Clay shot Orel in the leg. She also understood Orel when he said he was just having a good time with Coach Stopframe and was just happy to see her son in bright spirits again after the camping trip.
    8. Also in the finale, she found out about Clay's affair with Coach Stopframe looking displeased; it's shown in the future that Orel has a picture of her and Clay older and still together, meaning she's worked things out with Clay.


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