Black Yoshi (SuperMarioLogan)

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Black Yoshi (SuperMarioLogan)
Black Yoshi.png
"Why am I on this Wiki, folk?"
Gender: Male
Type: A violent, ignorant and cruel incarnation of Yoshi.
Species: Yoshi
Portrayed by: Lance Thirtyacre
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan

Black Yoshi is an antagonist and a recurring character who was formerly one of the main characters in the SuperMarioLogan series. He is currently the archenemy of Brooklyn T. Guy and a former friend of Mario.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is really lazy. Rather than simply getting a job, he always tries to make Mario give him money.
  2. He always murders or shoots things and often gets away with it.
  3. He never pays Mario back, nor does he ever learn his lesson.
  4. He rivals Bowser Jr. and Jeffy as one of the dumbest SML characters.
  5. His voice, and use of bad English is very annoying.
  6. He is always very whiny, dimwitted and childish.
  7. Black Yoshi has committed MANY crimes in the channel:
    • He shot and killed Brooklyn Guy's son just because the boy wanted his new Call of Duty game.
    • After Bowser Jr defeated him in a Call of Duty game, Black Yoshi went as far as to shoot and destroy Jr's Xbox.
    • He constantly believed that on Black Friday, everything is free, regardless of how much he's told it isn't free. He stole many things from Best Buy, but later broke out of prison, and still thought things are free on Black Friday.
    • His infamous moment in Black Yoshi's Blank Check, where he steals $1,000,000 from the government, shoots Tyrone in a real CoD game, and gets Mario arrested. He even gets off scot-free despite all that he's done.
    • In "Black Yoshi's Scam", he made a fake GoFundMe account so he could steal money from people, not once thinking what he's doing is wrong. He was also unwilling to tell the truth.
    • He sold Mario's engagement ring for Rosalina in "Black Yoshi's Mistake" to get enough money for a new game console, and when Mario found out, Black Yoshi only tried to get the ring back because Mario would kick him out of the house if he didn't.
    • In the "Black Yoshi's Kids" video, he kidnapped 24 babies so he could make money by taking care of them, which is a huge crime. He also made it very clear he would rather play Call of Duty than take care of his child.

Good Qualities

  1. He still has a few funny moments.
  2. SML would not be as great without him.
  3. He does get his comeuppance in "Black Yoshi's Mistake", "Black Yoshi's Big Bamboozle!" and "Jeffy the Good Boy".
  4. Some of his 'get rich quick' schemes are clever.
  5. His theme song (Not Too Cray) is nice to hear.
  6. "MARIO PLEASE!!!"


  1. He is the only Yoshi character in SuperMarioLogan who's still active in the series.
  2. His birthdate is October 23, 1992.
  3. Black Yoshi has committed the third most murders in SuperMarioLogan.
  4. He's not a good swimmer.
  5. It is unknown how Black Yoshi became dimwitted.
  6. Along with Mario, he's the only classic SuperMarioLogan character who still appears in Mario/Jeffy videos.
  7. He lost his virginity at 14 while he was at Virginia, as revealed in Jeffy's Lunch Money!
  8. After Mama Luigi died, Black Yoshi was created as a replacement for him.



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