Birdo (Super Mario)

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Birdo (Super Mario)
Gender: Unknown
Type: Genderless Dinosaur-like Creature
Species: dinosaur-like creature
Portrayed by: Kazumi Totaka (2003–present)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Super Mario'

Birdo (Super Mario) is a recurring character from the Super Mario series, mainly in the spin-offs.

Bad Qualities

  1. Her most irritating and obnoxious voice post Mario Tennis (her voice in that game was more tolerable and fitting unlike her current voice).
  2. Nintendo has made her a female character in the Mario series, but in the Super Mario Bros 2 North American instruction manual, it says that she is "male", which leads to the fans to debate about her gender.
  3. She is one of the reasons why some people "hate" Super Mario Bros 2.
  4. Some people call her "The Ugliest Female on Video Games".
  5. By Super Mario standards, her design is mediocre, with questionable choices such as her mysterious ring and strangely wide mouth.
  6. Her current purpose is just to be filler in Mario spin-offs.
  7. She has absolutely no personality.

Good Qualities

  1. She was a good character in older games, particularly Super Mario Bros. 2 (and its remakes) and Mario Party 7-9.
  2. Her sounds in the Mario Party games were more tolerable than they are now.
  3. Her voice in Super Mario Advance is pretty decent.


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