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    Big Tex Arkana
    "Pay attention!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Greedy Boar
    Species: Boar
    Portrayed by: Harry Chaskin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Buddy Thunderstruck

    Tex Arkana Sr. (also known as Big Tex Arkana or simply Big Tex) is one of the five antagonists in the Netflix stop-motion series Buddy Thunderstruck. He is the father of Buddy's rival, Tex Jr, and owner of the Gold Brick Pawnshop. He plans to let Buddy lose a truck race and sell Thunderstruck Trucking by thinking up ways to make his son win, even if it means cheating.

    He is voiced by Harry Chaskin.

    Why He Should Pay Attention

    1. To start off the list, he is often notable for being a Buddy Thunderstruck version of Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants, Moneybags from the Spyro the Dragon franchise, Dean Cuizeen from Turbo F.A.S.T, Señor Senior, Senior from Kim Possible, Mr. Goodman from SML, Peter Griffin from Family Guy, and Jacques Schnee from RWBY due to them treating the titular protagonists and their friends like crap because they get more attention than them, own money businesses, are cash cow lairs who often violate workers rights and do illegal stuff in media they appeared in, giving both all five of these businessmen a run for their money, the differences that Mr. Krabs, Señor and Big Tex are single fathers with one child while Dean Cuzieen has six snails and Moneybags and Jacques are married and have four children, and Big Tex and Moneybags both turned down their greediness in later media of their respective franchises, unlike Mr. Krabs, Dean Cuizeen, Señor Senior, Senior, and Jacques Schnee who are defeated by the heroes.
    2. He's a huge Karma Houdini who got off scot-free despite his illegal actions as seen in earlier episodes and less to extend, the post-Sneezing Fits of Death episodes, examples are hiring Jacko to make everybody hate Buddy (which he doesn't look or sound anything like him, especially considering that Jacko is not a dog like Buddy) by bullying some of the townsfolk and blaming on the real Buddy even to the point where they actually got him and Darnell arrested (who are innocent and done nothing wrong by the way) in Buddy Double, teamed up with Robby Burgles, Jacko Valtrades and Artichoke (who is an temporary employee) to steal Buddy's driving secrets after he become a taxi driver in Thunderstruck Rab Cab, hiring Moneybags to take his son, Tex Jr to reveal Buddy's identity without any money to pay him while only caring about money than his own son just because Moneybags is a millionaire in "Moneybags and his Monster", threating Moneybags and Cannonball to put Buddy in jail for 100 years after someone destroyed Tex Jr's truck and centrality yells at his own son in Hit and Dumb, left Tex Jr being locked out of their house while going on a trip in "Babysitters Yo" and thinks that the things that Robby stole were "his" in "Get the Hock Out", the former two of which just so that Tex Jr would become more popular than Buddy in truck racing and get his own trophy.
      • Speaking of "Get the Hock Out", he's infamous for having repo man methods that are literary illegal laws (fraud, threatening, vandalism, breaking and entering, animal cruelty and thievery) disguising as methods as well as being at his absolute worst out of all the earlier segments where he's in his greedy mode along with Buddy Double to the point where it made Big Tex the least likeable Greasepit citizen in the entire show where he literary once hired Buddy and Darnell (who are both already race sponsors for Thunderstruck Trucking) just to trick them into assaulting, scamming and stealing stuff from other people (including some of their friends' stuff like Buddy's cousin Muncie's tables and chairs for the Concho Bolo, the Weaselbrats' hot tub and computer, Leroy's foot stall and armchair, Nick the New Guy's TV, and the Beavers' hairdryer which gives good comeuppance since they stole all of Buddy's prize money) so that they can get their stuff back from him which shows how he's a huge spoiled bully he is to the animals who got their stuff from his pawn shop, after Buddy realised that Muncie was right about stealing other peoples' things and made bad deals with him are very greedy of him and Buddy told him to give everybody's stuff, what does Big Tex do? he refuses to take the Thunderstruck cousins' criticism over him and the stuff that the main duo have stolen until Artichoke, the "Sheriff Cannonball" of this episode, arrived for his stolen bike. It’s no surprise that Chris Pearson, the co-creator and writer behind the Hub cartoon series Dan Vs. is behind the writing of this episode.
      • Apart from his comeuppance from Artichoke, he never got a proper punishment such as getting arrested by Sheriff Cannonball or losing more money from his pawnshop dealing with lawsuits and fines from Thunderstruck Trucking and other animals who either got their stuff broken or stolen by his two new repo men despite the three of them breaking illegal laws and that Buddy and Darnell, race sponsors for Thunderstruck Trucking were involved in.
      • Similar to the DC Super Hero Girls version of Lois Lane, Suzi and Lady Vain, He's much of a manipulating freak who rarely shows any respect and sends any of his employees who's been manipulated by him to torture any of the townsfolk to get whatever Big Tex wants to like everything that they brought from his pawnshop or making everyone hate Buddy for Jacko's crimes.
    3. Because of how most of the townsfolk are animals, Big Tex is, if not much of a pricier animal abuser than both Dean Cuizeen and Ms. Grunion since he committed animal cruelty to the other townsfolk by upright bullying them for their stuff and money which is ironic since he's a boar.
      • In fact, he has broken more laws than other Buddy Thunderstruck villains like Robby Burgles or even Belvedere Moneybags yet he never even goes to jail once in the show, unlike his employees who worked at his pawnshop.
    4. He has a very bratty and selfish attitude (especially in Get the Hock Out) which means that he's mostly a stereotypical greedy money-obsessing businessman who barely shows any respect to his employees or his customers (as mentioned above).
    5. Much like Mr. Krabs, He also has a huge unhealthy habit of treating his pawnshop like a bank and once thinks that hiring people without having any money to pay him and giving them free work are okay when they aren't because someone needs to tell him that while people need money to pay for a job, trying to save money for his pawnshop and his son, Tex Jr and it isn't worth the risk of scamming or bullying customers over their money. If anything, Big Tex should probably lose more money and go bankrupt dealing with lawsuits and thousand-dollar fines.
      • Since he violates workers' rights, he's shown to be running a pawnshop with criminals (like Robby Burgles and Jacko Valtrades) and underpaid employees (like Buddy Thunderstruck, Darnell Fetzervalve, and Artichoke) who hard work for any wage unlike the two other business owners in Greasepit, Muncie and Leroy who at least gave a good amount of pay to their hardworking employees and don't hire criminals or underpaid employees for their businesses, unlike Big Tex.
    6. He's shown to be a huge hypocrite as seen in "Buddy Double" when Tex Jr lost the truck race, Big Tex took it too seriously by yelling "Fart Nugget! I hate me some Buddy Thunderstruck" yet he talks and made deals to the same guy who is his son's rival in later episodes of the show, heck, he even hired him to become a repo man once in "Get the Hock Out".
      • He and Jacko make Buddy (and lesser to an extent Darnell) the most hatred citizen in Greasepit which causes him to get arrested and not be in the next race as revenge for his son's losing streak when he likes Tex Jr who shows to be the most hatred racer because of his losing streak which shows his hypocrisy side yet again.
    7. He's also a terrible father to Tex Jr similar to Buck Cluck as he's known to use his son to lie about his race number being "lucky" and treating him like he was his cash cow even when he's the most hated racer among Figure 8 fans, even to the point where he made terrible and even false promotions of him with his "lucky" 13 number during the race just so that the Arkanas can capitalize on Buddy Thunderstruck (which most Figure 8 fans were very interested to see the race just for him) to let Tex Jr win including the billboard in which Big Tex made as an excuse to cash-in on Buddy and prove his son's "good luck" in the episode "Buddy Double".
      • Despite treating his son like a cash cow at the truck races, Big Tex went on a trip (which was mentioned by Tex Jr) without noticing that his son was in charge of the Arkanas' house before he got locked out and sleep in the dumpster outside thus missing out on a truck race until his rivals, Buddy and Darnell picks him up and babysit him in "Babysitters Yo" which shows how a stupid and abusive father he is despite turning down his greediest in "The Sneezing Fits of Death".
    8. In fact, his actions towards a lot of people are the reason why Tex Jr is Buddy's rival (though he did develop with him bit by bit), and people hate him as he is today.
    9. He was so stereotypically greedy and villainous that even some people (apart from Buddy, Darnell, and Artichoke) may not want to go to his pawnshop to get stuff there anymore while Muncie Thunderstruck, the owner of the Concho Bolo and Buddy's cousin, even dare to criticize him for the trouble he caused with his repo men.
    10. He treats Jacko Valtrades, Robby Burgles, Artichoke (in Thunderstruck Rab Cab), Buddy Thunderstruck, Darnell Fetzervalve (both in Get the Hock Out), and even his son, Tex Jr (in Hit and Dumb) like slaves instead of employees. Even to the point where he forced Buddy and Darnell to steal people's stuff using his methods instead of firing them after they spend the evening at the Weaselbrats' hot tub when they're supposed to steal it and told Jacko Valtrades to get in the weeknight race to defeat Buddy so that he can't win.
    11. While Harry Chaskin (one of the directors of the show and Jacko's voice actor) does a fine job voicing him, his lines and evil laugh in Get the Hock Out can be very laughable due to the terrible writing of the aforementioned episode, especially the "But he ate some super-hot hot wings last night and he can’t be more than ten feet from a bathroom”.
    12. He was an mean popular businessman who is much more of a criminal rather than a pawnshop owner.
      • Even after the Sneezing Fits of Death, he became much of a Gary Stu than Auntie Uncle (Mary Sue) in later episodes since nothing bad happened to him.
    13. He never even hired a better mechanic like Darnell to fix Tex Jr's truck in every race he's been in which resulted in his truck being destroyed in some races he's been in unlike Buddy who already has Darnell (who is a mechanic by the way) to fix his truck when part of the Rabble Rouser fall apart, also in "Thunderstruck Rab Cab", He lets Buddy teach Tex Jr fake driving lessons as revenge for stealing his driving secrets and wrecking part of his truck while Darnell possibly works for Big Tex into fixing the Rabble Rouser for him.
    14. Though he improved in later episodes, his redemption is rushed since he never even learned anything from his criminal record in earlier episodes from stealing (Thunderstruck Rab Cab), hiring and tricking two underpaid employees so that they can get their stuff back (Get the Hock Out), abusing his employees to get what he wants, lying to every truck race fan about his son's luck as an excuse to make his son win to straight-up animal cruelty to an innocent truck racer by ruining his good reputation (Buddy Double) unlike his son and Sheriff Cannonball who at least got character development and redeemed themselves in a well-written way, most notably in later episodes "The Sneezing Fits of Death", "Babysitters Yo!" "Cannonballistic" (despite both being bad episodes) and "A Bro for Weaselbrat", Big Tex however only redeems himself in three episodes before reverting to his villainous nature in Hit and Dumb.
    15. He thinks that Buddy only cares about the fame he's got rather than anything else when it's not true, Buddy actually cares about other things as well including people like Muncie and Darnell and his truck, the Rabble Rouser, yet Big Tex only cares about money (as seen in Moneybags and his Monster), breaking laws with his employees, wanting Tex Jr to win a race and sell Thunderstruck Trucking for money as well as promoting him at truck racing than anything else.
    16. He believes that he has full control over Tex Jr's personal life, like in "Thunderstruck Rab Cab" and Moneybags and his Monster.
    17. He is somewhat underused in the show as he only appeared in 9 segments of the show (including the quick cameo in the interactive special, The Maybe Pile) compared to Muncie and Leroy who both appeared in 4 and 6 more segments and were better business owners in Greasepit than Big Tex.
    18. He somehow had a strict set of times for people who got their stuff from his pawnshop as once they don't pay him back, he sends his repo men to steal their stuff while using his illegal repo man "methods" to get their stuff and bring them to his pawnshop which is a crime that every employee (including himself) from his pawnshop should be arrested and sent to the judge by Sheriff Cannonball.
    19. He once evilly laughs at the Greasepit citizens getting their stuff stolen by Buddy and Darnell which shows that he rarely shows any regard for anyone besides his employees and Tex Jr to the point where he was one of the cruelest characters in any of CloudCo Entertainment's current brands and could also give Mr. Krabs a run for his money for the greediest businessman in animated media. And we cannot forget this infamously horrifying scene where he evilly laughs in the sky while the screen turns red while scary music plays and creepily stares at the viewer with red eyes while the screen faded to black.
    20. He abuses the townsfolks' and even his own money and downright uses it for what he wants which clearly shows he's a rich jerk with years of manipulation, cheating, lying, and scamming which is like Preston and Priscilla Northwest doing the same thing.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. As mentioned above and despite being a Gary Stu, he has gotten better in "The Sneezing Fits of Death" after Tex Jr. becomes friends with Buddy and Darnell and becomes less greedy and cruel to them than in earlier episodes and mostly shows compassion for some other non-employed people like Belvedere Moneybags and Sheriff Cannonball.
      • Apart from the Sneezing Fits of Death, he was much more likable in "Mayor May Not" and Opposite of Awesome" as he's shown to be a lot kinder side to Buddy and Darnell as he and Buddy suggest Tex Jr to repair his voting area and giving Buddy the silent mufflers when they trade their Halloween costumes, whoopee cushions and remote-control fighting monkeys at his pawnshop.
    2. His boar design is decent-looking and outright cute much like the rest of the characters from the show.
    3. Harry Chaskin (Jacko Valtrades' voice actor) is still great at voicing Big Tex.
    4. He is a decently funny character at times, especially in later episodes.
    5. The idea of a boar running a pawn shop is still interesting along with the show's idea of an anthropomorphic animal truck racing stop-motion cartoon.
    6. He got some karma from Artichoke along with Buddy and Darnell for stealing his motorcycle and mistaking it for a chopper in Get the Hock Out and Buddy Double where he realizes that 13 is not his son's lucky number which caused people to boo at the Arkanas, though this isn't enough to remove him from the Karma Houdini party.
      • Not only that, but some of his "employees" also got comeuppance from other people like Jacko Valtrades in Buddy Double where he was arrested by Deputy Hoisenberry for getting Buddy and Darnell arrested for his crimes over town, and Buddy and Darnell in Get the Hock Out where they got thrown out of the Concho Bolo by Muncie for trying to steal tables and chairs from her restaurant.
      • Out of all the 6 employees of the pawnshop, his son, Tex Jr is at least the only employee at the Gold Brick pawnshop who doesn't do Big Tex’s workers' rights nor been forced to commit crimes, unlike the others.
    7. “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BRING ME THAT HOT TUB, and No, I mean repossess. Repo, man” (Get the Hock Out).


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