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    NOTE: This page is dedicated to the late Miguel Ferrer (1955-2017).

    Big Boss
    The Rio version of Myles Standish from Free Birds.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic anti-ecological villain
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Miguel Ferrer
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Rio 2

    Big Boss is the main antagonist of Rio 2, he is the unnamed leader of the Loggers who plan to destroy the Amazon. He was voiced by the late Miguel Ferrer.

    Why He's Intentionally Dumber Than a Monkey

    1. To begin with, he is the typical anti-ecologist villain who wants to destroy the ecosystem for money.
    2. Continuing with the topic, he is basically the Rio version of Myles Standish from Free Birds, as they are both hunters who want to hunt for reasons, which also makes him rip-offs to Shaw from Open Season, and Franklin Bean from The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the difference between these two and Big Boss is that he lacks a reason why he hates animals and wants to destroy the Amazon, nor does he have a personality outside of what was said in WHDTAM#1.
      • He can also be considered a rehash of Marcel from the first film, as they both do illegal business for money, treat their henchmen badly, and have a pet animal that they treat well (Marcel had Nigel, and Big Boss had his emperor tamarin).
    3. Despite being the main antagonist he has little screen time, in fact he is overshadowed by Nigel who has more screen time than him making Nigel the main antagonist instead.
    4. The name "Big Boss" is pretty stupid and unoriginal making him so no one would take him seriously and making him more generic than he already is.
    5. He has a high level of contempt for the fauna of the Amazon, for example, he often calls Spix Macaws "Pigeons".
    6. He even tried to kill Linda and Tulio because he considered them a threat to his interests.
    7. He usually treats the rest of the loggers abusively, treating them like idiots like when one of them lost in a game of chess against his pet tamarin.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He got his karma when he was eaten by the anaconda, which is hilarious.
    2. Despite WHDTAM#5 and WHDTAM#7, he treats his pet emperor tamarin well.
    3. The late Miguel Ferrer did a great job voicing him.


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