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    Bev Bighead
    "Oh Ed."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Unfaithful Wife
    Portrayed by: Charlie Adler
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Rocko's Modern Life

    Beverly "Bev" Bighead is a main character from Rocko’s Modern Life. She is the wife of antagonist Ed Bighead and the mother of The Fatheads creator Rachel Bighead. Much like her husband, Ed Bighead, she is voiced by Charlie Adler.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Despite being the wife of Ed Bighead and meant to be seen in a more sympathetic light, her attempts to gain sympathy from the audience don't work for most of the time. One example is in the episode "Leap Frogs" in which she laments that Ed is not being intimate with her and immediately resorts to cheating on Ed behind his back.
      • Speaking of infidelity, Bev attempts to cheat on Ed with Rocko in the aforementioned episode and uses several disturbing methods to do so. She first off tries to drug Rocko with Spanish fly in his lemonade and has him unzip a dress she was wearing. When these methods don’t work, she forcefully kisses Rocko in front of Ed and then deems Ed in the wrong. She gets what she wants from Ed and becomes a Karma Houdini for adultery and attempted rape.
    2. She sometimes treats her husband very poorly as she yells at him over very small things such as having bad body odor in “Nothing To Sneeze At” and having a wart on his butt in “Ed Is Dead: A Thriller”.
    3. She is also a pervert as not only did she try to seduce Rocko but she also engaged in voyeurism when she decided to peep on naked attendees as Heffer’s nude party with binoculars through a window.

    Good Qualities

    1. Bev does treat Rocko more kindly than Ed despite the fact that she tried to rape him and accidentally strangled him to near-death.
    2. She is accepting of Rachel’s new identity as a woman right off the bat.


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