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    Probably the dumbest citizen in the Unikingdom...
    Gender: Male
    Type: Idiotic Filler Square
    Species: Square
    Portrayed by: Tara Strong
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Unikitty!
    First appearance: Kaiju Kitty
    Last appearance: The Unikingdom Awards

    Beau is a supporting character from the show, Unikitty!. He is a square citizen of the Unikingdom and is voiced by Tara Strong.

    Filler Square Qualities

    1. Despite being one of the supporting characters on the show and one of the first background characters on the show to speak, he gets very little screen time, and feels more like a minor character than a major one most of the time.
    2. His character is basically the Lego equivalent of Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants, as both characters are known for their extreme stupidity. However, Beau's stupidity is more unfunny compared to Patrick's.
    3. As stated above, he can be very stupid sometimes, the episode he first appeared in, which was "Kaiju Kitty", is the worst offender, for example, he tried to sell umbrellas when it clearly wasn't raining (when he did notice it was raining, it was raining slime), and he also forgets what destroyed the giant robot near the end of the episode.
    4. He was one of the many Unikingdom citizens who selfishly wanted Puppycorn to stay prince in "Little Prince Puppycorn".
    5. Much like FeeBee and most of the Unikingdom citizens, he is a filler character, although unlike FeeBee, who generally speaks in most of her appearances, Beau rarely speaks at all and spoke in a total of four episodes.

    Square Good Qualities

    1. Tara Strong does a decent job voicing him.
    2. Some people do consider him funny because of his stupidity.
    3. Similar to what happened to Ronaldo Fryman from Steven Universe, he hasn't been seen as often in the recent episodes, probably due to being pointless.
    4. His design is nice.

    Square Comments

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