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    Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go!)

    Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go!)
    "SICK, YO!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lazily Perverted Couch-Potato

    Crappy Excuse for A Superhero

    Age: Unknown (<18)
    Species: Metahuman
    Metazombie (Temporarily)
    Portrayed by: Greg Cipes
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Teen Titans Go!
    First appearance: DC Comics

    Beast Boy (Garfield Mark Logan) is a member of the Teen Titans and one of the main protagonists of the critically-generally mixed 2013 series Teen Titans Go!. He is voiced by Greg Cipes.

    Why He Sucks, Bruh

    1. To get the gorilla himself out of the zoo, Beast Boy is re-imagined (and flanderized) in the show as mostly a lazy, annoying couch potato and is nearly intolerant to the concept of "responsibility".
    2. Like the rest of the Titans, he barely receives any character development and repeats his mistakes throughout the series.
    3. He acts extremely immature most of the time.
    4. He can be rather selfish at times, hating on the other Titans for having a better future just because it makes him look lame.
    5. In "The Fourth Wall", he even twerked in front of the audience, only in his underpants which was disgusting.
    6. In “Lication”, he sold his grandmother which made the audience hate him.
    7. His voice is screechy and nasally. It also doesn't help that he screams most of the time. What also doesn't help is that his original voice actor, Greg Cipes, reprised his role as this character.
    8. In "Smile Bones", he and Cyborg forced the other Titans to wolf down their food like they do, to the point of almost starving them to death.
    9. In "Let's Get Serious", he accuses Cyborg of drinking his juice and caused the two with Robin, Starfire, and Raven to lash out at each other until the Titans Tower is destroyed and the team disbanded (which is never brought up because every episode in this crappy show does not have any continuity except for the episodic parts). This proves that he sometimes gets angry at characters over the stupidest and inconsistent things.
    10. He once got all the Titans mixed up in a pyramid scheme that landed them in mass physical labor to pay off their boss. He also claimed it was all to buy Cyborg a present, even though Cyborg said he didn't need to and it was clear Beast Boy was just being greedy.
    11. Hypocrisy: He claims to be a vegetarian, yet he's shown to be eating meat in some episodes.
    12. He once mauled Aqualad so badly (who is wearing a Tempest suit, not the red and blue suit) to the point where he could have died (while fighting over Raven no less), despite being a "hero".
    13. An infamous scene where a cow, he spurted his milk all over the Justice League but mostly Wonder Woman, which is just disgusting.
      • And why the big fuss? Well, it's made worse when you realize the fact that male cows cannot produce milk, then that’s either his bodily fluids or his semen (aka cum or cunninglis). That's one demographic show for a whole.
    14. His overuse of "dude", "bro", and "sick, yo" in season 2 and beyond can get old pretty quickly and will get you on your last nerve in every episode.
      • Not to mention after season 2, Beast Boy’s speech patterns changed entirely and it sounds like “gangster” or “hipster” slang, it’s a failed attempt to make him sound cool and it sounds annoying as a hack.
    15. He was at his worst in "Gorilla" as he refused to obey and tortured Robin for no reason at all because he was a gorilla.
      • "Staring at the Future" and "Two Bumblebees and a Wasp" are also at their absolute worst by beating up Robin, Starfire, and Raven's future selves and ignoring responsibility, as well as creating bee money to become rich.
    16. He's also a liar in the episode "Matched" he said that if Raven told him why she won't date him he'll get out but after she told him why she won't date him he is touched and wants to kiss her.
    17. He has become a rather forced-to-be-disgusting Warner Bros/Cartoon Network version of Phil and Lil from Nickelodeon's Rugrats, as well as a more immature and annoying hybrid version of both SpongeBob SquarePants from his self-titled TV series and his friend, Patrick Star. But unlike SpongeBob, Patrick, Phil, and Lil, Beast Boy here is no better.
    18. He is the worst out of the rest of the Titans to other people. There can be times when he's WORSE than Robin too.
      • Overall, his characterizations make him more of an antagonist than a main character and it makes Patrick Star, Rigby, or Neil Sutherland in the UK version of The Inbetweeners look saints in comparison.

    Redeeming Qualities, Yo

    1. His redesign can appear as cute for some.
    2. He is a much better character outside of Teen Titans Go! and gets some redemption in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies and Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans.
    3. He can come across as funny at times.
    4. His relationship with Cyborg is still decent.
    5. Greg Cipes still decently voices him for the most part.
    6. He still cares about his team and his crush/girlfriend, Raven.



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