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    "Hello. My name is Beardo. I am pretty shy, and until I warm up to new people I tend to just make noises and be generally bothersome. I hope that if I am selected, my team can see past that and give me a chance to show them what a great guy I truly am. Thank you."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Useless sound effects guy
    Age: 16 (Pahkitew Island)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Clé Bennett
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama
    First appearance: "So, Uh This Is My Team? (only appearance)
    Last appearance: Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize (cameo)

    Beardo is one of the contestants of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. He’s the guy who does sound effects and is the first one to be eliminated in this season. He is voiced by Clé Bennett, who also voices DJ, Leonard, and Chef Hatchet.


    Beardo describes himself as being shy, until he becomes comfortable around someone. While friendly, he tends to "just make noises and be generally bothersome." Although it appears that he is completely silent, like B, he is merely reluctant to talk at first. He is shown to be quite skilled at sound production and has even produced his own CD. He hopes that his team can look past his annoying nature and see that he is actually a good person. The opposite occurs, however, and his odd behavior and lack of contribution to his team ends up leading to his elimination in "So, Uh, This Is My Team?".

    His audition tape shows that he may have problems concerning, socializing, and would rather be alone and play music until he feels close to someone, then they can see that he is a better person than he seems to be at first sight. Despite his early elimination, he is shown to have enjoyed his time on the show as his last words exclaimed that he enjoyed meeting all of his teammates.

    Why He Should Stop Annoying Us with His Sound Effects

    1. He came off as a useless and forgettable contestant since he spends the majority of the time making sound effects, which is something Gerald McBoing Boing would do.
    2. Speaking of which, making sound effects most of the time comes off as annoying, which is what annoyed Dave.
    3. He freaked out everyone on the plane with his beatboxing.
    4. He also made a sound effect to frame Sugar for farting, and for the many times she farted in this season, this was one of the times she didn’t.
    5. He didn’t collect any supplies during the first half of the very first challenge; all he did was a slow-motion movement, and he got easily hit by Chef’s tennis ball blaster.
    6. He also just makes noises to try to intimidate the other team, but it’s pointless.
    7. He honestly just feels like cannon fodder as he just comes and then goes, and we never see him again.

    Good Qualities

    1. His character design is quite what makes him stand out among the rest of the cast, and how it's inspired by Reggie Watts.
    2. The sound effects he makes sound very real, which is impressive. He would make a very good sound effects guy. Some might even find it unique and funny.
    3. Clé Bennett did a decent job voicing him during the only times he speaks, which are his audition tape and when he’s shot off the island by the cannon.
    4. His audition tape made him sympathetic as he admitted that he’s shy in his audition tape so that at least explains why he made noises around his teammates since he just met them, even if this didn’t work out in his favor.
    5. He’s one of the more tolerable characters from the season, and he has a group of fans who like him.


    • Beardo is one of the nine contestants to never receive a symbol of immunity; the others are Amy, Anne Maria, Blaineley, Ezekiel, Noah, and Staci.
    • Beardo is one of two contestants from the third generation cast with facial hair, with the other being Shawn.
      • This makes them two of the nineteen male characters to have facial hair, with the others being Alejandro, B, Chef Hatchet, Chet, Chris, Damien, Devin, DJ, Duncan, Ezekiel, Gerry, Harold, Lorenzo, Pete, Sam, Spud, and Wayne.
    • As of now, Beardo is tied with Staci for the lowest amount of participation of any character in the series, competing in only one episode.
      • Unlike Staci however, Beardo has not physically appeared in any episodes aside from his debut, making him the only contestant to appear in one episode of the series.
    • Beardo is one of three contestants to have never outranked another contestant, with the others being Staci and Ezekiel.
    • He pronounces his name as "Bee-Air-Dough" in his audition tape while others tend to pronounce it as "Beard-oh". However, Shawn pronounces it as the former in "Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize".
    • Beardo, along with Dawn and Leonard, is one of the only contestants to only have one confessional.
    • Beardo was mistakenly listed as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak on his online bio.
    • As stated in his online bio, Beardo is based off Reggie Watts (in terms of his appearance) and Michael Winslow's character from the Police Academy franchise.


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