BeBe's Kids

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BeBe's Kids
Bebe's Kids.png
"We're Bebe's Kids. We don't die. WE MULTIPLY!!!"
Gender: LaShawn:Female
Kahlil and Pee-Wee: Male
Type: Troublemaking Kids
Age: LaShawn: 7-8
Kahlil: 7-8
Pee-Wee: 3
Portrayed by: LaShawn: Jonell Green
Kahlil: Marques Houston
Pee-Wee: Tone Loc
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Bebe's Kids

LaShawn, Kahlil and Pee-Wee Wooten, also known as BeBe's Kids, are the titular deuteragonists of the 1992 film of the same name.

Bad Qualities

  1. They are incredibly disrespectful towards Robin.
    • In fact, when Jamika asks them what to say to Robin when he bought tickets to Fun World for them, they were about to say the "F" word. Luckily, Leon responds for them by saying "Thank you".
  2. They are rather abusive towards Leon for being a momma's boy, particularly Kahlil.
  3. They vandalize the properties owned by Fun World.
  4. They have no regard for authority, as they have no problem using violence in an attempt to defend themselves against the security guards.
  5. Before the beginning of the film, they shot their own father when he tries to leave them.
  6. They are karma houdinis, as they never faced the consequences for destroying Fun World.

Good Qualities

  1. Much of their behavior is a result of their mother BeBe's negligence and their father's absence, as well as the fact that they grow up in an unstable neighborhood.
    • While their troubled upbringing doesn't excuse their misbehavior throughout the film, it gives the audience the opportunity to sympathize with them.
      • The audience would also likely grant them some leniency since they are just kids and that they don't know any better.
  2. Given the fact that the staff of Fun World is racist and prejudiced towards African Americans, Bebe's Kids aren't completely unjust in their rebellion.
    • In fact, the rebellion happens because Kahlil was being racially profiled by the security guards who assumed him to be causing trouble when, in reality, he is drinking water from a water fountain.
  3. They are really great at rapping.
  4. Pee-Wee can be funny at times, depending on your view.
    • In fact, the trio in general can come across as pretty cool. They are just flawed.
  5. They started to respect Leon and warmed up to Robin in the end.


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