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    Baz and Bernie (Thomas & Friends)

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    Baz and Bernie are the main antagonists of the "Marvelous Machinery" mini-series of the Big World! Big Adventures! era (seasons 22-24) of Thomas & Friends. They are two criminals from the Mainland who visited the Technology Fair.

    Baz is the tall and thin one with the mustache and the hat voiced by Bob Golding, while Bernie is the short and stout one with the Elvis-like haircut voiced by Rob Rackstraw.

    one-dimensional villains

    , and then there's... minus-fifty dimensional villains." - James A. Williams]]


    Baz and Bernie first arrived on Sodor onboard Sonny, looking to steal an invention from the Technology Fair. By disguising themselves as cooks, they managed to infiltrate Ulfstead Castle.

    Following a few mishaps with the other inventions, Baz and Bernie decided to steal the plans to Ruth's Hover-Car. Due to Sonny's disobedience, the pair chose to use Kenji as their getaway vehicle. During the escape, the pair were separated when Bernie removed Kenji's coupling and was left stranded on the passenger coach.

    Baz was eventually caught by Thomas, Rebecca, Sir Robert Norramby, Ruth, Sir Topham Hatt, and the police and - after Bernie caught up and accidentally revealed their plans - the pair were arrested and taken away by the police.


    Both Baz and Bernie are mischievous crooks. Out of the two, Baz is the more intelligent, often having to stop the rather simple-minded Bernie from spilling their secret plans. Baz is noticeably more villainous compared to Bernie, willing to force Sonny to help them by threatening to scrap him and willingly abandoning Bernie to get a bigger share of the profit. Baz was also willing to blame Bernie for everything to avoid getting arrested. Bernie is also the more naïve of the two, as he tends to miss a few key details or state the obvious. Additionally, he is loose lipped in many critical situations.

    Not So Marvelous Qualities


    1. They come off as one-dimensional characters, so much to the point where they can't be described as characters at all due to their extremely flat and unchanging behavior.
    2. They are both selfish and greedy crooks as they tried to steal the plans for Ruth's Hover Car simply to profit off of the sales.
    3. They mistreat their engine Sonny horribly to the point where they forcibly use him as a decoy while they use Kenji the Shinkansen Train as their real escape vehicle when the former engine refuses to help them steal Ruth's plans.


    1. He's even more selfish than Bernie to the point where he tricks Bernie into uncoupling the passenger carriage from Kenji while he's on it, causing the latter crook to get left behind in the chase near the end.


    1. His voice, while decent, is very inconsistent as he has two different voice tones in every single one of his two appearances.
    2. He is so bumbling and stupid to the point where he easily gets tricked and left behind during the chase and accidentally rats himself and Baz out to the police when the former is caught.

    Marvelous Qualities

    1. Bob Golding and Rob Rackstraw did decent jobs voicing them, albeit with the latter giving Bernie a very different voice tone in two of his appearances.
    2. Their designs are passable.
    3. They receive their comeuppance when Kenji runs out of electricity and Thomas stops Kenji from moving, when Baz is surrounded by Thomas, Ruth in the hover car, Sir Robert Norramby in the Road Plane, Sir Topham Hatt in "The Amazing Metal Man", and the police, and then when Bernie accidentally rats the two of them out to the police.


    • Baz and Bernie are the last characters to be human antagonists.
    • Baz and Bernie are referred to as "rogue engines" in Sonny's description from The Big Book of Engines; it is currently unknown whether this is an error or an early concept for the duo.
    • They share names with two characters from Finding Nemo, two crabs that Dory and Nemo ask where Marlin went, and Dory later threatens to feed the green crab to the seagulls.
    • Rob Rackstraw gives Bernie different voice tones in each of his two appearances.
    • They are similar to Harry and Marv, the thieves from the first two Home Alone films, as Harry is the smarter and more malicious of the two similar to Baz, and Marv is less intelligent, similar to Bernie.


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