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    Bartleby MontClair
    "You can't do that!" *facepalm* 🤦‍♂️
    Gender: Male
    Type: Snobbish Coward
    Species: Mink
    Portrayed by: Phil Hayes
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sonic Underground

    Sir Bartleby MontClair of Dresdin, otherwise known as Bartleby is a supporting character that appears exclusively in Sonic Underground. He is a posh aristocratic mink and one of the richest civilians of Robotropolis, and Sonia's boyfriend. He was voiced by Phil Hayes, who also voiced Scratch and Sergeant Doberman in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Why He Will Never Do It

    1. He was an unnecessary addition to the Sonic Underground series, as he had almost no purpose in the franchise's history.
    2. Just like Bluster Kong, his character is just a walking rich stereotype: pompous, conceited, and narcissistic. Bartleby loves himself more than he does anyone else (the only exception being Sonia for a short amount of time); he likes nothing better than drinking rosebud tea like a sophisticated snob and doing anything that benefits himself.
    3. He has a huge level of inconsistency in how he's written.
      • Aside from episodes 1 and 2 depicting him as a wise-cracking, if clueless, and anxious person who fears being robotized, he doesn't appear until episode 12 which depicts him as a rich person who slowly starts to help Sonic with making Sonia happy even though he was a misguided pawn to Robotnik's underhanded schemes, then he believed that he could smooth-talk Robotnik when Bartleby was hiding Sonia with a mask while doing nothing helpful in that episode, and in episode 15; it's revealed that he thinks very highly of Robotnik while he wanted to get 200,000 mobiums for the orb that makes him unreliable towards Sonia and her brothers. In episode 19, he is seen as a relaxed person who acts snobbish about buying the island a tribe lives in to make it into a resort of his own in a single-minded manner. In episode 30, he's back to being a self-entitled boyfriend to Sonia with a personal vendetta against her brothers whereas episodes 31-32 make him slowly realize what Robotnik's plans were all along and eventually side with Sonia and her brothers after the many mistakes he's made. All of this makes his motives and his character all over the place.
    4. Because of how pointless and stereotypical he is, he is very much a boring and forgettable side character.
    5. His sarcastic moments, quick quips, one-liners, banters, and comedic relief moments are very unfunny, irritating, and unremarkable.
    6. His childishly whiny catchphrase, "You can't do that!", is irritating to listen to.
    7. He seems to have some level of dislike and prejudice towards Sonic for very trivial and idiotic reasons, having little to no good relationship with him despite Sonic being Sonia's brother.
    8. He proves to be a terrible boyfriend when it comes to his relationship with Sonia. He has cheated on her with many other girls after Sonia has already started traveling with her brothers, making him an unapologetic adulterer.
      • In the episode "Hermony or Something", he asks Robotnik how should he know where Sonia is and Robotnik points out that Sonia's his fiancé. Bartleby shares how he isn't responsible for her actions and supporting Robotnik is a form of loyalty to his home. This is flat out stupid because he should know where Sonia is in the first place since he is her fiancé, and being a helper to the dictator Robotnik does not show loyalty to his hometown whatsoever.
      • As seen in "Artifact", his being defensive over Sonia and her brothers makes him rude, selfish, and pedantic. He even dared to talk down to Sonia by telling her in her face that "she needs to grow up" by outright saying her brothers are a bad influence on her, which would make him pretty punchable since Sonia should've taken offense to him saying that about her family instead of letting Bartleby verbally insult them.
      • In "Head Games", he acts stubborn with his motive to make a resort on an island, yet he hides behind Sonia when danger is afoot and leaves her and her brothers to take care of Robotnik's minions themselves, which still makes him look a cowardly, hypocritical, and wimpy idiot.
      • As seen in "Wedding Bell Blues", as he and Sonia are preparing for a wedding of theirs, he goes back to verbally insulting Sonia's brothers as a way to directly provoke and belittle them ranging from saying how he's glad that "her mother came to her senses" and started saying demeaning things about Sonic and Manic, where Sonia finally takes offense to Bartleby being an asshole with reminding them what they are annoying, Sonic confronts him to be careful what he says, yet Sonia simplifies the issue and pushes Sonic away from the problem when Bartleby was being snobbish. This means that he's reached Karma Houdini territory now and is somewhat of a Gary Stu for being a little too lucky.
    9. He has plenty of obnoxious and hateable moments throughout the show, examples of these include:
      • The episode "Artifact" when he starts pursuing that orb for his financial gain; Sonic, Sonia, and Manic confront him to warn him of it being a bomb, but because of how delusional and misguided Bartleby is towards them (including his girlfriend Sonia) he claims that the trio is lying to sell it for "the resistance" and arrogantly tells them that he can tell the difference between a bomb and an orb. These decisions resulted in Sleet, Dingo, and the Swatbots tracking him down and being pathetically kidnapped by Robotnik's henchmen.
        • Even when he was told by Robotnik that he'll be blacklisted for his mistakes, he still thinks about getting the orb for himself instead of siding with Sonia and her brothers.
      • In "Head Games", he suddenly wants to make a resort on an island. Not thinking about how he got blacklisted and not showing a sense of concern for what Robotnik is doing until Sleet has to tell him what Robotnik wanted to do.
        • He had the guts to call Sleet and Dingo "idiots" for the misfortune that just happened when it was all his fault that he let these situations happen.
    10. As stated above, the episode "Wedding Bell Blues" allows him to verbally insult Sonia and her brothers as a way to directly provoke and belittle them by saying how Sonia's mother "finally came to her senses" and started calling Sonic and Manic "disreputable" and calls Sonia's family "tarnished", where Sonia was offended by Bartleby's provocative remarks and Sonic belligerently confronting him as a way to remind him to be careful with what he says about Sonia's family, which still made him refer to Sonic and Manic as "ruffian brothers".
    11. He's a complete rip-off of Antoine Depardieu from Sonic the Hedgehog as a "French cowardly jerk" stereotype, and Callie Briggs from SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron as a character, but without any of the charm and likability both of those characters had respectively.
    12. He has shown to be a truly neurotic and moronic coward who is sometimes seen supporting Robotnik for no good reason, making him a pathetically traitorous person to his own home.
    13. He is such a pushover in combat, he is always forced to do what Sleet orders him to do when Robotnik orders the duo to capture Bartleby and be brought to Robotnik himself, showing how spineless he is.
    14. His design, true to most of the characters in Sonic Underground, does not match properly with the art style of Sonic the Hedgehog characters. It also makes him look like a random Sonic OC the animators made up themselves, or Bluster Kong from the Donkey Kong Country TV series.
      • Also if you look at his design long enough, his design is also not only a very poor rip-off but familiar to Callie Briggs's design as also mentioned in WHWND #11
    15. Phil Hayes does a very mediocre job of voicing him, giving him a very low-key and uninspiring type of "elegant voice".
      • Despite being French, his voice has a stereotypically slightly British tone in his voice.
    16. He can be considered a filler character in "Sonic Underground".
    17. He can be seen as a Scrappy due to all reasons mentioned above and including being a hated character for many people, which is saying a lot.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Bartleby does care about Sonia and her brothers at times, despite his countless blunders. This is evident by the fact that he has high hopes of defeating Robotnik in a somewhat optimistic manner.
      • In the episode "Healer", he eventually starts to side with Sonia and her friends after the trio (Sonia especially) already helped him benefit from a hoax Sonic and Manic were going to make in "Wedding Bell Blues".
    2. In "Bartleby the Prisoner", when Bartleby was eventually announced as an enemy of Dr. Robotnik and was put on trial, he was claimed guilty, thrown in jail, and was scheduled to be robotized. The way he was violently taken to the jury by a Swatbot at the beginning of the episode was satisfying to watch, and he finally realized that he shouldn't be around when Sonia and her brothers have to defeat Robotnik and take down Robotopolis as he was sent away.
    3. His dislike towards Sonic is slightly justified and somewhat excused due to his annoying behavior.
    4. Despite his sarcastic moments, quick quips, one-liners, banters, and comedic relief moments being very unfunny, some viewers can find them funny.
      • He does admittedly have some likable moments here and there, at least whenever he's not acting an unfunny character or betraying his town.
    5. His voice acting by Phil Hayes can be passable at times.
    6. He can be admittedly helpful at times in some episodes, such as "Bartleby the Prisoner".
    7. Bartleby MontClair can be slightly sympathetic at times.


    • In the episode "Come Out Wherever You Are", Sonia even imagines him in a royal uniform resembling that of Antoine. Showing how his appearance and personality are extremely similar to that of Antoine Depardieu.


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