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    Bart Simpson (seasons 16-30)

    Bart Simpson
    "Y-you… you twisted and sick in the head MONSTERS!" - The real Bart's reaction to his flanderized self.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Sociopathic Prankster
    The Dark Side of Bart
    Age: 10
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Nancy Cartwright
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Tracey Ullman Show/The Simpsons

    First appearance = "Good Night" (The Tracey Ullman Show)
    "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"

    "'Bart? Are you Bart Simpson? You stink like a Dutchman's throw-up! Liking you was the biggest error of my life!'"

    Fans' reaction to Bart's flanderization during seasons 16-30

    Bartholomew JoJo Simpson, nicknamed Bart is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Marge Simpson) of The Simpsons. He is the mischievous and rebellious eldest child of Homer and Marge Simpson, and the older brother of Lisa and Maggie. Sadly, he got flanderized during seasons 16-30. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.

    "Ay, Caramba!" Qualities

    1. He has gotten averagely flanderized, losing a lot of the charm and likability he had in the first ten seasons, though it varies whether he's in character or not in seasons 11-15. During these seasons, he's gone from a mischievous and rebellious prankster with a heart of gold into a malicious sociopath who takes delight in causing trouble for others. Here are some examples:
      • He terrorizes Seymour Skinner and Edna Krabappel on many occasions. He indeed liked to mess with them in earlier seasons (and after season 30), but not to the extent in these seasons.
        • He's also a terrible friend to Milhouse, sometimes Martin, and his other friends. He can also be an awful boyfriend.
      • In "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em", he blackmails and tortures Principal Skinner by threatening to give him peanuts, when he's allergic to them.
      • In "You Kent Always Say What You Want", he pretends to be Principal Skinner's dentist by shoving a tooth sculpture in Skinner's mouth and spraying water in his mouth when the sculpture is in his mouth.
      • In the movie, he skateboarded to Krusty Burger and back naked because Homer dared him to, then he got the Doppelganger family arrested by drawing on his family's faces and then he drank whiskey underage.
      • In "The Debarted", he pranks Principal Skinner by putting metal cleats in Skinner's shoes which gets Donny in trouble and then he forces Nelson and Donny to shove Milhouse into a locker.
      • In "Dial N for Nerder", he pulls a string revealing Sideshow Mel's bone that Martin was excavating knocking him off the cliff in the process.
      • In "The Good, the Sad, and the Drugly", he and Milhouse loosen every bolt in the school and get Milhouse suspended. He also refuses to visits Milhouse during Milhouse's suspension and lied to Jenny because he pretended to start a relationship with her instead of actually wanting to be her boyfriend.
      • In "Bart Gets a Z", he, along with his class, gets Mrs. Krabappel drunk after they lose their phones, which gets her fired.
      • In "Postcards from the Wedge", he and Milhouse destroy the school with a subway, causing the flag to fall on the school, causing the school to get destroyed.
      • He is at his absolute worst in "Love is a Many Strangled Thing", as he acts like a complete sociopath to Homer and doesn't even try to save him from being hung. Instead, he just pranks Moe by texting him and laughs.
      • In "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts", he, along with Milhouse, Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney, locked the staff out of the school so they could take over the school after Superintendent Chalmers got fired so Chalmers could get his job back.
      • In "Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart", he, along with Milhouse, does vandalism by putting posters of Homer on an airplane and even on a billboard and was eventually caught.
      • In "A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again", he tricks everyone on the ship by playing footage from a sci-fi movie saying that a virus has broken out worldwide which made every passenger and the entire crew stay on the ship making them anxious and it led to chaos. He even put everybody's lives on hold, which causes them to have a breakdown.
      • In "What to Expect When Bart's Expecting", he drowns a grasshopper in the paint until the grasshopper dies. He even makes a voodoo doll to make his art teacher pregnant. He also opens up a voodoo clinic to make couples have babies.
      • In "The Yellow Badge of Cowardge", he decided to win the race instead of saving Milhouse from Nelson.
      • In "Barthood", when he and Milhouse were 12, they vandalized streetlights, and he got Milhouse arrested for three years for what they did.
    2. He is nauseous. In many episodes, he does have some villainous movements.
    3. In "Lisa the Veterinarian", he was in the water park that made Lisa wet when Lisa wasn't ready to get wet while Marge was taking Bart to the kiddie pool when he got the ring from the kiddie pool. While the bullies just got the ring and punched Bart, Bart saw a cool slide that he did not use to get his slammer, but he used the control room to prank people in the pool Bart said the only cure is to roll around naked in the snow, while being naked in the snow and the women shocked, which makes Bart a Karma Houdini in that episode.
    4. He can also be careless. In "The Heartbroke Kid", he binges on vending machine food without realizing that it's bad for his health.
    5. When isn't acting unlikable, he can be treated like a massive butt-monkey at times, such as in "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister", "The Boys of Bummer", "Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy" and most of season 30.
    6. Just like his father Homer, in many episodes that involve him conflicting with something, Bart is mostly portrayed like he's in the wrong of the conflict.

    "Cowabungaǃ" Qualities

    1. He was a much better character in seasons 1-15 and has redeemed himself since season 31.
      • Though he and his dad can still be likable and have his original personality in some episodes.
      • Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, eventually learned from his mistakes and therefore undid his flanderization and returned Bart to his old personality when working on season 31.
    2. He does get his comeuppances after his antics go way too far, so at least he cannot be considered a Karma Houdini.
    3. His catchphrases, including "Don't have a cow man!" and "Eat my shorts!" are still funny and memorable.
      • Bart's prank calls to Moe's Tavern are still as funny as ever.
    4. Nancy Cartwright still does a good job voicing him.
    5. There are times when we can sympathize with him. A nice example is in "The Boys of Bummer", given that he was bullied so much that he even attempted to commit suicide in that episode.
    6. Like everyone else, his design is passable, as always.


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