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    Barney the Dinosaur (seasons 9-14, Barney's Great Adventure)

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    Barney the Dinosaur (mid-late HIT era)
    "I hate you, you hate me, we're a furious family! I killed Lyrick Studios and now I have been flanderized! Won't you say you hate me too?"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Not A Super-Dee-Duper Dinosaur
    Age: 200 million years old
    Species: Dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
    Portrayed by: Dean Wendt (show, seasons 9-14)
    David Joiner (movie adaptation)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Barney & Friends
    Barney's Great Adventure
    First appearance: Barney & the Backyard Gang

    Barney the Dinosaur is the titular protagonist of the 1992 PBS TV series Barney & Friends, and its 1998 movie adaptation, Barney's Great Adventure. He is a purple-colored dinosaur who is brought to life from a plush doll of him. His friends include BJ and Baby Bop.

    While he was good in first eight seasons, however, he was flanderized during seasons 9-14 (the mid-late HIT era) and Barney's Great Adventure to the point of being hated.

    Why He Isn't Our Super-Dee-Duper Dinosaur Anymore

    1. For starters, he has been flanderized from a funny, intelligent and caring dinosaur into an annoying, unfunny and overly happy idiot.
    2. His voice has become awful since season 7, as it is more nasal and annoying than it was before, and it sounds a bit older than it was from seasons 1-6.
    3. His design has taken a notable downgrade from the one in seasons 1-8, as it looks creepier and less adorable than before. This is especially notable in the movie, as his design looks more awful and poorly made than ever, not to mention his blinking mechanism acts wonky at times.
    4. His songs have gone from tolerable and pretty well, to loud and even obnoxious to some people. His song, "Imagine" from Great Adventure is the worst offender out of all of these.
    5. Hypocrisy: In the episode "Everybody's Got Feelings", he claims that feelings are important, yet in a later episode, he doesn't state that and says the opposite thing over and over again.
      • In the movie, his talk with BJ to find the rainbow egg showed another sign of hypocrisy coming from him.
      • Likewise, in his sleepover scene with Abby, he just did nothing to her. And he was sleeping loudly (due to his snoring), which annoys her.
    6. In the episode "Easy as ABC", his ABC blocks are very poorly made and pirated from other stores.
    7. All of the lessons he has taught in the previous season have become worse than before, and to make matters worse, he repeats them to all of the children.
    8. Not to mention his flanderization state, makes Dino from "The Flintstones" tame in comparison but unlike Dino, Barney The Dinosaur here apparently chose to have fun being no better. Thus making Dino The Dinosaur more likeable than ever.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He was a much better character in the first eight seasons, since he had a lot of good humor, and he wasn't as annoying as he is now.
    2. He can still be likable, have his original personality, and be helpful in some episodes.
    3. Despite the downgraden design and voice Carey Stinson still did a good job wearing the Barney suit.


    • Like the TV show he starred, Barney has received mixed-to-negative reviews.
    • In 2007, Barney received a star on Paseo de las Luminarias, the Mexican equivalent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    • Like the voices of Baby Bop and BJ, Barney was voiced by an unknown stand-in for the live show of Barney Live! World Tour - A Celebration! in 2017. Similar to Baby Bop, he was voiced by another unknown stand-in for the Fisher-Price toys that were released in 2018.
    • A documentary chronicling Barney's hatedom, titled I Love You, You Hate Me, premiered on Peacock on October 12, 2022.


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