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    Barbara (SuperMarioLogan)


    — Barbara to Jonathan, when someone is at the door

    Barbara "Babs" Guy
    Brooklyn Guy should put her in a nursing home where Mario's grandpa lives.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Alcoholic, Ill-Tempered Abusive Mother
    Age: 76
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Lance Thirtyacre
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan
    First appearance: Jeffy's BAD Christmas! (mentioned)

    The Zombie Apocalypse! (voice)

    Brooklyn Guy's Thanksgiving! (physical)

    Last appearance: Jeffy's Naughty Magazine!

    Barbara "Babs" Guy is a minor antagonist who first appeared in "Brooklyn Guy's Thanksgiving!" as the main antagonist. She appears to be a hateful woman who doesn't understand her son and favors her youngest son Jonathan more to the point that she lets him still live in the house. After the divorce from her ex-husband Mr. Guy, she currently has found a new boyfriend, her son's partner Simmons.


    Early Life and Parenting

    Barbara Guy was born on July 14, 1947, in Brooklyn. At some point in time, she would meet someone named Mr. Guy and the 2 would fall in love and get married. Together, the 2 would have many children (in total 19) including Jonathan, Brooklyn T. Guy, Does Bad Things Guy, Makes Bad Decisions Guy, This Guy, A Guy, Doctor Me, Does Good Things Guy, What Guy, The Guy, Chicago Guy, Manhattan Guy, Las Vegas Guy, Family Guy, Frank, Plane Crash Guy, Miami Guy, San Francisco Guy, and Pittsburgh Guy. As said in "The School Bus!", she mentioned that she became pregnant at 15, so she had her first children Brooklyn T. Guy, Does Bad Things Guy, and Doctor Me when she was either 15 or 16 years old. Barbara would most likely be very abusive to her children or neglectful as she favored her last-born Jonathan out of all of them making them move away to different places. She often abused Brooklyn Guy during his childhood and even once told him that she wouldn't come to his funeral when he was in 5th grade.

    Her divorce and new boyfriend

    At some point in time, Barbara and her husband would get a divorce, making her more hateful and mean as she hated her ex-husband. When she would meet Simmons not knowing he was her son Brooklyn's partner, the 2 would make love to each other.

    Job as a bus driver

    In “The School Bus!", Barbara becomes a bus driver, but she does a terrible job. For starters, she constantly gets out of her seat to discipline students, but the bus is somehow still driving. She throws Penelope, her own granddaughter, off the bus, and she forces Cody to eat his own vomit. It’s also mentioned by Brooklyn Guy that her license got suspended for getting too many DUIs. She gets replaced by Jackie Chu, and it was shown in "Cody's Lawsuit!".


    Barbara appears to be a hateful woman who only loves her son Jonathan and her boyfriend Simmons, she believes her oldest son Brooklyn T. Guy is a deadbeat and that he should be more like her youngest son Jonathan who still lives with her. She appears to dislike him for not seeing her for a decade, believing him to not care for her anymore, which she isn't wrong about.

    She has a brutal side inside her where in 'The School Bus!', she orders the kids (who were on the bus) to not break her rules, but the kids messed up, which causes her to either abuse them or throw them out of the bus.

    Why Brooklyn Guy Should Intentionally Put Her in a Nursing Home

    1. She is an extremely abusive mother towards Brooklyn Guy, both physically and verbally. In fact, she doesn't really have that much of a personality, other than being a one-dimensionally abusive mother.
      • It's also never explained why she treats Brooklyn Guy awfully, aside from a brief moment in "The Funeral!", where it is implied that she hates him because he has multiple jobs, even then, it's a stupid reason to hate on someone.
      • At least with Bowser, there were moments where he showed love for his son, Junior. Plus, in "Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Episode 23", we find out that Bowser was abused by his human mother, Margaret, which is an understandable reason for his antagonistic behavior.
    2. She favors her other son, Jonathan, while she dislikes on Brooklyn Guy.
    3. Massive hypocrisy at her worst: She constantly accuses Brooklyn Guy of "not caring about her" even though she never cares about him. In "The Funeral!", she got mad that Brooklyn was not sad when she faked her death, even though he had no reason to feel sad for her, as she didn't even leave him anything in her will and insulted him in it. She also admitted to Brooklyn Guy's face when he was in fifth grade that she wouldn't go to his funeral.
    4. In "Jeffy's Squeaky Door!", it's hinted that she would beat Brooklyn a lot. When impersonating her, Brooklyn even admits that she said she enjoyed beating him and how it "hurts him so much more than it hurts her"
    5. All she ever does is berate Brooklyn Guy and even brags about her favoritism towards Jonathan in Brooklyn Guy's face, which is extremely aggravating. What doesn't help is that it is the only thing she does in every video she's in.
    6. In "Brooklyn Guy's Thanksgiving!", when Brooklyn Guy starts choking on the Thanksgiving dinner, neither she or the rest of her family bother to help him. Thankfully, Karen does save him.
    7. She went as far as faking her own death in "The Funeral" just for an April Fools' Day joke (as the movie was released on that day) and to test her son’s love for her. This could’ve made viewers happy that she's dead, but seeing how the episode was uploaded on April 1st, it made the twist very predictable, and it's a very big slap in the face.
    8. Her design is generic, bland, and slightly gross. She looks like Simmons if he was on drugs and wearing drag to look like an old lady. Not helping is that she also sounds like Simmons, albeit with a Brooklyn accent.
    9. There's this running gag surrounding her relationship with Brooklyn Guy's partner, Simmons which is considered gerontophilia since Barbara is an elderly woman.
    10. She is also abusive towards other children as shown in "The School Bus!", where she threatened to inflict any physical harm to Junior and the students if they break any of the bus rules.
      • She threw her granddaughter out of the bus when she thought she was using cologne. She even went as far as trying to force Cody to eat his vomit.
        • Not to mention, she doesn't even recognize that Penelope was her granddaughter either.
    11. Like Jonathan, she almost never gets any comeuppance for how she treated Brooklyn Guy. There is not even a single cathartic moment where Brooklyn Guy puts Barbara in her place, making her a Karma Houdini. What's even worse is that in "The School Bus!", according to Barbara Guy, the police department apparently loves her, implying that they are willing to give her a slap on the wrist, no matter what terrible crime she commits, giving her a mean girl complex.
    12. She's even abusive to Jonathan when he messes up. In "Jeffy's Trophy!", when he apologizes for not getting a strike, she hits him and tells him that he sucks ass just because he didn't get a strike!
    13. In "Jeffy's Naughty Magazine!", she sells Jonathan's magazines without even bothering to ask him

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Lance does a good job at voicing her, despite the flaws.
    2. Despite being a Karma Houdini, there are times where she gets what she deserves.
      • In "The School Bus!", she got her comeuppance as she was left stranded on the road after Jeffy hijacked the bus and locked her out.
      • In "Jeffy's Trophy!", she did get disqualified from the 25th Annual DeLuna Lanes Bowling Championship after she got exposed for using steroids.


    • Her voice sounds like Shrek with a Brooklyn accent, because both are played by Lance Thirtyacre.
    • She is a Simmons stunt double puppet with Samantha's dress.
    • In "Nightmare On Jeffy Street!", it's revealed that Brooklyn Guy and Jason Voorhees are cousins, and this possibly means that Pamela Voorhees is Barbara's sister and that Barbara's maiden name is Voorhees.
    • Her last will and testament states-

    'All my belongings are to be divided between the two most important people in my life. Jonathan Guy and Officer Longshlong Simmons. To my perfect baby boy Jonathan, I leave behind my house, car and bank accounts.

    To Simmons, I leave behind my used underwear and panties.

    And to my ungrateful piece of s**t son Brooklyn T. Guy, I leave behind absolutely NOTHING. Tell him I hate him. Piece of s**t. He's a bum who can't make up his mind on what job he wants. And he married a skank, never came to visit his own mother. I raised him and this is how he treats me?? Piece of shit Brooky. If I was alive, I would slap the shit out of him. Why couldn't he be more like Jonathan?? Jonathan is the perfect son.'

    • In "The School Bus!" it is revealed that she became a school bus driver (although replaced) and got her driver's license suspended due to her DUIs and that she also got pregnant at 15 years old.
    • She shares her drinking trait with Brooklyn Guy.
    • Barbara forced her son to marry Debra revealed in "Junior's Valentine's Day Gift!".


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