Barbara (SuperMarioLogan)

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Barbara (SuperMarioLogan)
Barbara Guy (SML).png
Gender: Female
Type: Alcholic, Ill-Tempered Abusive Mother
Age: 75 (1947/1948)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Lance Thirtyacre
Status: Alive
Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan

Barbara Guy is a minor character in the SuperMarioLogan series. She is the abusive mother of Brooklyn T. Guy.

Why She Intentionally Sucks

  1. She is an extremely abusive mother towards Brooklyn Guy, both physically and verbally. In fact, she doesn't really have that much of a personality, other than being a one-dimensionally abusive mother.
    • At least with SML Bowser, there were moments where he showed love for his son, Junior. Plus, in "Mario & Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures Episode 23", we find out that Bowser was abused by his human mother, Margaret, which is an understandable reason for his antagonistic behaviour.
  2. She favours her other son, Jonathan, while she hates on Brooklyn Guy.
  3. She is also a massive hypocrite at her worst. She constantly accuses Brooklyn Guy of "not caring about her", even though she never cares about him.
  4. All she ever does is berate Brooklyn Guy just and even brags about her favouritism towards Jonathan in Brooklyn Guy's face, which is extremely aggravating. What doesn't help is that it is the only thing she does in every video she's in.
  5. In "Brooklyn Guy's Thanksgiving!", when Brooklyn Guy starts choking on the thanksgiving dinner, neither she or the rest of her family bother to help him. Thankfully, Karen does to save him.
  6. She went as far as faking her own death in “The Funeral,” just for an April Fools joke (As the movie was released on that day) and to test her son and grandson’s love for her. This could’ve made viewers happy that she’s dead, but this is the Will Smith slaps Chris Rock meme of SML, and SML is Will Smith.
  7. Her design is generic and bland. She looks like Simmons if he was in drag while wearing makeup to look like an old lady. Not helping is that she also sounds like Simmons.
  8. There's this running gag surrounding her relationship with Brooklyn Guy's partner, Simmons which is considered gerontophilia since Barbara is an elderly woman.
  9. She is also abusive towards other children as shown in "The School Bus!", where she threatened to inflict any physical harm to Junior and the students if they break any of the bus rules.
  10. Like Jonathan, she never gets any comeuppance for how she treated Brooklyn Guy. There is not even a single cathartic moment where Brooklyn Guy puts Barbara in her place, making her a Karma Houdini. What's even worse is that in "The School Bus!", according to Barbara Guy, the police department apparently loves her, meaning that they are willing to give her a slap on the wrist, giving her a mean girl complex.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lance Thirtyacre does a good job at voicing Barbara.
  2. In "The School Bus!", she got her comeuppance as she was left stranded on the road after Jeffy hijacked the bus and locked her out.
  3. Like with Jonathan and Karen, she is supposed to be unlikeable so that the audience will sympathize with Brooklyn Guy.


  • Her voice sounds like Shrek with a Brooklyn Accent, because both are played by Lance Thirtyacre.


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