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    Baby Shelby (Mickey Mouse Works)

    Baby Shelby
    This is exactly why his mother shouldn't have others babysit him.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bratty Child
    Age: Hatchling
    Species: Turtle
    Portrayed by: Jeff Bennett
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Mickey Mouse Works

    Baby Shelby, sometimes called Shelby the Turtle or just Shelby, is a green turtle who first appeared in Mickey Mouse Works. He is the young baby turtle of Mrs. Turtle who is often seen causing trouble for Donald Duck and sometimes Mickey Mouse whenever they have to babysit him. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also voiced Mr. Jollyland and Magical Mouse in Mickey Mouse Works.

    Why He's Intentionally a Bratty Turtle

    1. He is a very naughty child who usually goes out of his way to cause all sorts of trouble for Donald or Mickey.
      • He is incredibly sadistic as he often bullies and abuses Donald or Mickey for no reason at all.
    2. His role as Donald's adversary feels more like a rip-off of various screwball cartoon characters from the 1940s such as Screwy Squirrel from the Tex Avery MGM cartoons, Yoyo Dodo from the Looney Tunes cartoon "Porky in Wackyland" and Disney's own Aracuan Bird from The Three Caballeros, but with none of the charm and likability those screwball characters had.
      • On that note, he has barely any personality whatsoever or chemistry between him and Donald as his only consistent trait seems to be torturing him and putting him through absolute hell for no discernible reason whatsoever.
    3. He is a straight-up Karma Houdini as he receives no punishment whatsoever for tormenting Donald and Mickey. This likely is due to his mother spoiling him rotten.
    4. While Jeff Bennett usually does a passable job voicing Baby Shelby, he has an annoying laugh.
    5. It's implied that his behavior is gotten from his mother, who is even worse:
      • His mother doesn't even notice the abuse he inflicts on Donald.
      • Even worse, when Donald succeeds in babysitting him, his mother orders him to babysit him the next day, thus making his life more miserable.
    6. He is also incredibly lewd as once he gets caught, he escapes from him via his turtle shell, and later his diaper, and then proceeds to run out naked in public without any embarrassment whatsoever until he gets caught.
      • One notable episode "Babysitters" has him running around naked without his turtle shell and/or diaper until the ending, which therefore gets his babysitters Mickey, Donald and Goofy into trouble from his mother Mrs. Turtle, who blames them all for allowing him to streak in public because of it. To add salt to the wound, he deliberately pretends to have caught a cold once Mickey, Donald and Goofy get caught by his mother, resulting in them having to take the humiliating punishment of dressing up as babies at Times Square Tower at the New Year's party, much to their chagrin.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Jeff Bennett does a passable job voicing Baby Shelby for the most part. He also has a good singing voice.
    2. His design is kind of cute.
    3. Because of all of the reasons as mentioned above, Baby Shelby is likely made to be hated.
    4. He can be slightly sympathetic and nice at times.


    • His character design is loosely based on the unnamed baby turtle who appeared in the Pluto cartoon "Pluto's Surprise Package", except that Baby Shelby is colored green instead of brown.


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