Aya Asagiri (Magical Girl Site)

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Aya Asagiri (Magical Girl Site)
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"Everyday, all I think about is dying."
Gender: Female
Type: A Cowardly, Timid Protagonist
Generic "suicidal" character
A Generic Bullied Student
A Generic yet Harmless Punching-Bag
Age: 14
Species: Magical Girl
Portrayed by: Yuko Ono
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Magical Girl Site

Aya Asagiri is the main protagonist of the psychological horror magical girl manga/anime, Magical Girl Site. She is introduced as a 14-year-old school student who is bullied at school and beaten by her brother at home. She discovers the Magical Girl Site, which gave her a magic stick for her misfortune.

Misfortunate Qualities

  1. Aya is incredibly a generic "weak-willed" main protagonist who is bullied at school and beaten by her brother at home. Then she discovers the Magical Girl Site that gives her the magic stick for some purposes of her misfortune but this led her to have deadly consequences.
  2. Her character design looks like a poor man's rip-off of Aya Drevis from Mad Father, with the black threaded hairstyle, and her first name, as well.
  3. She thinks being bullied at school and abused at home, would caused her to end her life by committing suicide. Making her a generic "suicidal" character, who weak to tell people.
  4. She may be the main protagonist, but she is a very weak representation of what a Magical Girl could be. She even does a weak job not being as a fighter until later chapters. She is much of a coward, but a frightened girl compared to other male and female protagonists like her.
  5. The manga/anime tries to paint her as if Aya was the most misfortunate girl in the world, but the problem is...it shows in the most very horribly executed way as possible.
    • Just as she acts like a complete moron and not a smart learner who tries to get away from her bullies by not telling her teachers. Instead, Aya teleports one of the bullies and led them to die on a train along with letting Kaname (who was crawling to get Kosame's magic stick to heal him from his neck bleeding after slashing Nijimi with Sayuki Ringa's sword in self defense while he was stealing magic sticks from Sayuki's home) being kidnapped and sodomized through torture by Detective Kichiro Misumi.
  6. She's like Madoka Kaname, the main protagonist of Puella Magi Madoka Magica if she was even much tragic than Aya was. The only difference is that Madoka is actually likable, strong-willed and a great big sister to her little brother, Tatsuya, while Aya is a little likable, but is just weak-willed and a decent sister to her older brother, Kaname and her biological twin sister, Yatsumura.
  7. She has no reason for her bullies and her brother Kaname, to treat her like a harmless punching bag.
    • Of course, she never bother to tell her parents or teachers at all about her problems, EVER. Making Aya a weak girl that she is.
  8. We see Aya getting herself into trouble with having her ruined school shoes in the locker, having her school table vandalized, drowned in the toilet, being punched, kicked, and even choked by her brother, Kaname, who wants Aya to help him relieve his stress from his father's "expectations".
  9. She contemplates herself dying by getting herself killed on a train. But, is unable to do that in fear.
  10. She lets her cat, Mya die in a train accident by Sarina and her friends, despite Aya didn't want to adopt the cat.
  11. Her magic stick's ability was to teleport things, that's it.
  12. Despite being the main protagonist, she feels more like an assist rather than like a fighter.
  13. She is later derailed (as opposed to be flanderized) as a muted girl (despite she already became a brave girl in later chapters), after witnessing Yatsumura's lifespan faded away and died.
  14. Lots of IDIOT MOVES:
    • In the first chapter and episode of the anime, she shoots and teleports Erika and Shota to a nearby train to death, INSTEAD of taking them to a safe place or summon the police or her teachers or principals.
    • When Sarina told her to shoot the site admin, Juroku. INSTEAD HOWEVER, she just TELEPORTED HER TO ANOTHER PLACE rather than turning her back into a normal girl.
  15. At the end of the last chapter, she doesn't get to see her biological mother since Aya just wants to live with the Asagiri family (aside from the point, her adopted father no longer pressured so hard to his son to study).

Fortunate Qualities

  1. Her character design is cute to look at.
  2. Her voice acting is good despite being sometimes annoying.
  3. At least, she was never malicious or even unheroic at all, and has a good heart in her. But never tries to do something terrible.
  4. She does become a brave girl in later chapters when she was able to fight against the site admins.
    • She did the best to realize the cruelty to Sarina and Kaname and wants them to be happy.
  5. She is a nice girl who wouldn't do those harsh things like Sarina, Kaname, or Rina.
  6. She has more character development and personality since she is the main protagonist.
  7. She is good friends with one of her classmates, Tsuyuno Yatsumura.
  8. She is aware that Kaname was abused by his father for his grueling training for gifted students, and often hear his lamentation in his room.
    • Thus, that abuse lead to himself to endure that by using Aya as a stress relief for the fun of it.
    • She also told Kaname that she tried everything to protect him and never wanted him to torn the family apart so that they will happy.
  9. Thankfully, She prevented other people from misfortune in the new timeline, so that she will have a happy life with them at the end of the series.
  10. She was able to learn that Kaname and his parents weren't her real family, but it was Yatsumura as her biological twin sister and Makoto Hinomoto as her biological father, who took the form of a 14-year-old classmate of hers at school.


  • Her design can be inspired by Ai Enma, from Hell Girl.
  • It is said that in the last chapter, that Aya is related to Ki Kogami and Tsukune Fukumoto, the main characters from Magical Girl Apocalypse.

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