Aya Asagiri's teachers (Magical Girl Site)

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Aya's male teacher
Aya's reading teacher

The teachers of Aya Asagiri are minor characters of Magical Girl Site.

Why They Suck

  1. They are depicted as terrible, lazy, and yet irresponsible teachers of Aya Asagiri, who barely didn't care about their students' mental lives.
  2. They barely have any personality or traits or even character development at all.
  3. A reading female teacher wasn't even aware or noticed that Sarina was poking Aya while reading a book to her.
  4. They don't get fired for not paying attention to Aya.
  5. They don't apologize to Aya for not paying any attention to her at all.
  6. They are much more neglectful and not ever overprotective than Aya's mother, Momoko.
  7. They are very useless characters that are minors for that.
  8. One male teacher of Aya starts out calling out Aya's first name in a lazy way and is never aware that Sarina and her friends are snickering.
  9. They don't even bother themselves or are even aware of Aya being bullied.
  10. They are very one-dimensional since they never harm Aya or their students.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They are not as mean as Sarina and her bully friends.
  2. They lack any cruelty and care about their students.


  • Aya's teachers can be compared with Jungho's teacher from Lezhin Comics' The Devil's Boy.
    • There is a difference where Aya's aren't aware of her bullying and did not witness that, while Jungho's male teacher was aware that Jungho was beaten by delinquents in class, and those who beat him left the school and ignored the teacher.


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