Aya Asagiri's classmates

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Why didn't they care about Aya....

A group of unnamed classmates of Aya Asagiri are the minor characters of Magical Girl Site.

Why They Suck

  1. Like their teachers, they weren't even aware of Aya's bullying issues.
  2. None of them have any personality at all.
  3. Of course, They barely even care about Aya as a classmate.
  4. They act like irresponsible ones who don't bother telling teachers.
  5. Even so, they are treated as complete strangers to Aya, who don't apologize for not helping her with her bullying.
  6. They act like complete morons who didn't help Aya, either.
  7. Despite this, they only exist to give Aya some dramatic tension on her misfortune and don't show any purpose to the greater narrative.
  8. They are indeed one-dimensional, despite they aren't as mean-spirited at all.
  9. They didn't even bother to tell their teacher about Aya being bullied.
  10. They act ignorant and irresponsible.

The Only 3 Redeeming Qualities

  1. They're not as cruel as Sarina and her friends.
  2. Of course they're nice to Aya, after all.
  3. They are aware that Aya's bullies were delinquents and didn't care too much about them.


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