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    Ava (Borderlands 3)
    "Ugh, it's sticky! Why is it sticky? Ugh monks are so weird."
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Felecia Angelle
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Borderlands 3

    Ava is one of the main supporting characters in Borderlands 3. She's a young girl who lives on the planet of Athenas, where she's learning and preparing to become a Siren under the apprenticeship of Maya.

    Ava is currently the scrappy of the Borderlands fanbase, suppressing Davis Pickle as one of the most annoying and hated characters in the franchise. Some people hope that a future DLC will make her into a better character, while many others consider her a creator's pet and desire to have her killed off as soon as possible.

    Why She's Not Our Ava

    1. First of all, Ava's design is not at all in the slightest appealing, as she's supposed to be a child but ended up looking more like an adult woman's head stuck on a child's body.
    2. Ava's personality is also rather obnoxious, and her high-pitched voice by Felecia Angelle combined with her angsty, passive-aggressive, and overall insufferable tone makes it grating just to hear her speak.
    3. She's best described as a scrappy, character who's brash, argumentative, naive, and seemingly completely unaware of how her behavior that themselves and everyone around them in danger, which results in her being a constant danger to others by forcing others like Maya and you, the vault hunter, to try to save her from threats she is provoking but wholly unable to deal with herself.
      • Not only is she exactly all of that, but she's also bratty, hyperactive, naive, self-centered, and reckless. She frequently disobeys the orders of her mentor Maya and often lets her curiosity get the better of her. Eventually, Ava’s arrogance and poor decision-making resulted in her getting captured by the Calypso twins, forcing Maya to sacrifice herself to save Ava. The fact that Ava got Maya, one of the most popular characters of Borderlands 2, killed, doesn't help matters, and it angered many fans of the franchise.
    4. Another annoying aspect of Ava is that she is incapable of taking responsibility. She tries to blame Maya's death on Lilith and the vault hunters even though it was her recklessness and disobedience that led to the circumstances, and somehow the game takes her side.
    5. While Tiny Tina, a somewhat similar character from Borderlands 2, can come off as grating to some players, she at least only plays a small part in the main storyline so even the players who dislike her can simply avoid interacting with her after her part was played. Ava, on the other hand, is an important part of Borderlands 3's story, meaning that those who loathe her have no choice but to deal with her irritating presence, a lot.
    6. While Claptrap, a character who's just as loud, incompetent, and annoying as Ava at times, is also a Scrappy in this game, he's more of a woobie, a character whom viewers show sympathy to because he's condemned by shoddy programming and is stuck as an irritant even though he's trying to help most of the time. Plus, Claptrap does get what's coming at him sometimes. Ava is also supposed to be a woobie but her persistently obnoxious nature and lack of consequences to her actions make her unsympathetic as a whole.
    7. Overall, Ava's character appears to have no purpose but to become Maya’s successor. Having such an annoying character to inherit Maya’s legacy despite being the one who's partially responsible for her death is like spitting on Maya’s grave. Reddit user ironangel2k3 went on to point out that removing Ava from Borderlands 3's story loses nothing and may make the story better.
    8. Near the end of Borderlands 3's campaign, Lilith hands over her position as the commander of the Crimson Raiders to Ava for no apparent reason, even though far more experienced people like Tannis or Ellie are around and Ava caused nothing but trouble for the Raiders and nearly every single decision she made was a mistake. This is what Literature Devil could have described as a "Mary Sue moment". The fact that Ava is eventually rewarded for all of her faults only makes players resent her even more.
    9. Speaking of Mary Sue moments, it is shown that she mastered her Siren powers unrealistically fast (within mere minutes) after acquiring them, as she Phaselocks herself, Lilith, and Tannis to save themselves from some boulders that were flung at them by Tyreen.

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. Felecia Angelle does an amazing job voicing Ava, despite WSS#2.



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