Audrey Parker-Nichols and Walter Nichols (Drake & Josh)

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Audrey Parker-Nichols and Walter Nichols
Drake and Josh, you're grounded!
Gender: Male
Type: Terrible Parents
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Nancy Sullivan
Jonathan Goldstein'
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Drake & Josh'

Audrey Parker-Nichols and Walter Nichols are one of the main characters of Drake and Josh. They are Drake and Megan's mom and stepdad and Josh's stepmother and dad. They have the tendency to always believe Megan's lies and punish Drake and Josh for her wrongdoings.

Bad Qualities

  1. Walter was flanderized from a normal everyman to a bumbling, idiotic father who is a complete pushover.
  2. He gets absolutely no respect from anyone (except for his wife), not even his offsprings, or his stepson!
  3. Audrey always prefers Bruce Winchill as a weatherman over her own husband proving how selfish she can be, despite the fact that she deeply loves him.
  4. They are extremely gullible as they always believe Megan's lies no matter what the situation and never notice the bad things she inflicts on her two brothers and always punishes Drake and Josh for things they didn't do and never MEGAN.
  5. They are very neglectful as they don't seem to care about Drake getting bad grades at school or him and Josh being tormented by Megan.

Good Qualities

  1. They are still good parents.
  2. Walter is still a kind father despite his idiocy.
  3. Audrey has more common sense than her husband.
  4. In the "Tree House" episode, they've finally had the guts to punish Megan, thankfully!