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    Audrey Parker-Nichols and Walter Nichols (Drake & Josh)

    Audrey Parker-Nichols and Walter Nichols
    Drake and Josh, you're grounded!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Terrible Parents
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Nancy Sullivan
    Jonathan Goldstein'
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Drake & Josh'

    Audrey Parker-Nichols and Walter Nichols are supporting characters on the TV series Drake and Josh. They are Drake and Megan's mom and stepdad and Josh's stepmother and dad. They have the tendency to always believe Megan's lies and punish Drake and Josh for her wrongdoings.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Walter gets absolutely no respect from anyone (except for his wife and his biological son), not even his offspring, or his stepson!
    2. Audrey always prefers Bruce Winchill as a weatherman over her own husband proving how selfish she can be, despite the fact that she deeply loves him.
    3. They are extremely gullible as they always believe Megan's lies no matter what the situation and never notice the bad things she inflicts on her two brothers and always punishes Drake and Josh for things they didn't do and never Megan.
    4. They are very neglectful as they don't seem to care about Drake getting bad grades at school or him and Josh being tormented by Megan.
    5. In "Alien Invasion", Walter takes Megan's side and punishes Drake and Josh for pushing her down, even though they didn't actually push her down.
      • Also, doesn't Megan dislike Walter? If so, then how come Walter took Megan's side even if she dislikes him?
    6. In "Steered Straight", They were at their absolute worst, they punish Drake & Josh with the Steered Straight program for their wrongdoings even though it's not always Drake & Josh's fault (though the fake IDs from that episode and speeding ticket were pretty bad) because sometimes it's usually a mistake or caused by Megan's pranks.

    Good Qualities

    1. They do care for their kids.
    2. Walter is still a kind father and is pretty funny.
    3. Audrey has more common sense than her husband.
    4. In the "Tree House" episode, they've finally had the guts to punish Megan, thankfully!
    5. Them getting sent to jail in "The Drake and Josh Inn" may be satisfying to anyone who was aggravated enough by their terrible parenting. (Depending on who you ask though, it may also count as an Alas Poor Scrappy or Unintentionally Sympathetic moment given that they didn't really do anything wrong during the episode.)
    6. Walter did call out Drake & Josh for feuding over something that happened years ago. (Them getting into a fight over a foam finger)


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