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    Assoud the Rabbit (Tomorrow's Pioneers)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: An evil beast rabbit

    Assoud the Rabbit
    First a Mickey Mouse ripoff, now a Bugs Bunny ripoff?
    Gender: Male
    Type: Evil Rabbit Who Promotes Terrorism
    Species: Rabbit
    Portrayed by: Mohammad Ramadan
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Tomorrow's Pioneers
    First appearance: "Assoud Arrives"
    Last appearance: "Assoud is Martyred"

    Assoud (أسود) is a costume-based character who appeared in the infamous Palestinian propaganda children's show Tomorrow's Pioneers. He, along with Farfour, Nahoul, Karkour, and Nassur, was widely hated worldwide for several reasons.

    Why He's an Evil Rabbit

    Important note: This character is extremely controversial for reasons explained below. No positive pointers/section will be permitted on this page. Anyone on this wiki that is caught adding redeeming qualities will have to be dealt with and their edits reverted.

    1. Like the other Tomorrow's Pioneers characters, he's as heartless as he's bad-looking.
    2. Despite it not being as obvious as Farfour's likeness to Mickey Mouse, Assoud could actually be interpreted as a Bugs Bunny ripoff due to their extremely similar designs, albeit Assoud is pink and is shown wearing clothes, unlike Bugs who is gray and doesn't wear clothes.
    3. Due to being a costume-based character, Assoud can't even physically express emotions.
    4. Like Farfour, his voice is just plain awful, though it's at an improvement over Farfour and Nahoul.
    5. He was tortured and punished whenever he does something.
      • For stealing money, he was told to get his hand cut off.
    6. His design, while okay (as formerly mentioned in then-RQ#1), is very cheaply made.
    7. Assoud's personality is very bland.
    8. Assoud is nothing more than a symbol of terrorism, which not only makes him unlikable but also tragic.
    9. In one scene, Assoud said he'll kill anyone who is Jewish, which is something Adolf Hitler would say.
    10. He died in a very disturbing scenewhere he's severely injured after the Israeli missiles attacked Al-Aqsa TV before he officially dies
    11. Before dying, Assoud was at the Al-Aqsa TV station collecting artifacts from the show knowing that their main enemy would bomb the building, proving he was oblivious to "safety first".
    12. He is known to be Nahoul's brother, and while Nahoul is a bee and Assoud is a rabbit, They can't be brothers as they are different species! (This is just like how Nahoul stated that he is Farfour's cousin while the former is a bee and the latter is a mouse.)
    13. He literally threatened to murder Danish people (which makes sense considering that Kurt Westergard published artwork containing offensive depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, but it was still mean of Assoud to say that). This scene also aged horribly due to Westergard's passing in July 2021.


    • Along with the rest of the characters, he became obscure after Tomorrow's Pioneers got banned in many countries.
    • He originally came from Egypt and was allowed to enter Gaza the month prior.
    • Despite being a rabbit, Assoud's name means "lion".



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