Assoud the Rabbit (Tomorrow's Pioneers)

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"Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

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Assoud the Rabbit
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"Is it Bugs Bunny? No. Is it Roger Rabbit? No. Is it a bland, cheap ripoff of them? Yes!"
Type: Rabbit who Promotes Terrorism
Species: Rabbit
Status: Deceased
Media of origin: Tomorrow's Pioneers

Assoud (أسود) is a costume-based character who appeared in the infamous Palestinian propaganda show Tomorrow's Pioneers. He, along with Farfour, Nahool, and Nassur, were widely hated worldwide for several reasons.

Why He's No Doc (or Patty Cake)

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  1. He is an evil rip-off and bootleg of both Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit.
  2. Like the other Tomorrow's Pioneers characters, he's as heartless as he's bad-looking.
  3. Due to being a costume-based character, Assoud can't even express emotions.
  4. Like Farfour, his voice is just plain awful, to the point that it's way worse than even Horace from The Problem Solverz, though its at an improvement over Farfour and Nahoul.
  5. He was tortured and punished whenever he does something.
    • For stealing money, he was told to get his hand cut off.
  6. His design, while okay (as formerly mentioned in then-RQ#1), is very cheaply-made.
  7. Assoud's personality is very bland.
  8. Assoud is nothing more than a symbol of terrorism, which not only makes him unlikable but also tragic.
  9. In one scene, Assoud said he'll kill anyone who is Jewish, which is something Adolf Hitler would say.


  • Along with the rest of the characters, he became obscure after Tomorrow's Pioneers got banned in many countries.



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