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    Ashley (Stickin' Around)

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    Ashley is a minor character in Stickin' Around. She is Stacy's rival that is the most wealthy and is a rich girl that no one likes at all.

    Why She Sucks

    • She is just nothing but a spoiled rich kid that completely falls under the Mean Popular Girl cliché.
      • She only cares about money and herself, hence why lets her enslaved father pay for expensive/overpriced stuff. (e.g Hit the Showers and Bar None)
    • Her character personality is poorly portrayed.
    • In "Lassie Go Home", she selfishly proves her dog has the best tricks that he could come up with, and with everyone amazed at it, Frank upsettingly leaves just all because he was jealous of her dog just because he isn't able to do his trick.
      • Also in the exact episode, after naming her dog when she bought it, she lazily kept the price tag intact instead of a name tag.
    • In "Coat of Many Troubles" after Stacy's coat got popular, it was revealed to be Ashley's due to her name tag on it, and it then ruined Stacy's life to the point where she refused to wear that coat after it was Ashley's at first.
    • In "Bar None", she threw away a bike bell only for the sake of it not being the full bike like she imagined it.
    • In "The Scarlet Pimple" she turns into a fashion bat after being amazed by Stacy's makeup to get rid of her zit.

    Redeeming Qualities

    • Not all episodes that she appears in relates to her spoiled rich self.
    • Her voice actress does a decent job voicing her.
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