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    Artur Pashkov (Big Nate)
    "Artur! HEADS UP!"

    Artur gets hit in the head with a soccer ball and it JUST HAPPENS TO LAND IN THE GOAL! WHAT A COINCIDENCE!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Belarusian Gary Stu
    Age: 11
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: None
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Big Nate
    First appearance: May 7th, 2001 Strip

    "Oh, how I hate him."

    Nate Wright

    Artur Pashkov is a character in the comic strip & book series Big Nate. He's from Belarus and therefore doesn't have very good English. He's friends with almost everyone and is dating Jenny Jenkins.

    Why He Deserves To Be Hit By A Soccer Ball

    1. To start off the list and get the elephant out of the room, he's a blatant Gary Stu and is good at almost everything for literally no reason. Everyone likes him and he likes everyone, except while Nate is friends with him, he envies Artur's perfectness.
    2. He's good at everything despite having literally no experience. You could say it's "beginners' luck", but that doesn't work because he stays good at everything. Chess is a prime example of this because in his first appearance he beat Nate extremely easily stealing Nate's spot as the number one player.
    3. He is also a big Eastern European stereotype, as he constantly uses bad grammar, which can get pretty offensive.
      • It doesn't help that all the girls think it's cute when he talks like that.
    4. The most infamous example of his luck is when he got hit in the head with a soccer ball by accident and it just happened to go into the goal, winning the game for his team. Everyone celebrated his victory and treated him like a hero.
    5. He's completely tactless and never seems to notice when Nate is upset, always staying happy and thinking Nate's emotions are just him making "funny facial expressions".
    6. He seems to have an effect on Nate when he's around him, giving Nate bad luck while Artur's luck stays sky-high.
    7. The one time Nate beat Artur at chess, it was because Artur let him win. This caused Nate's ego to be inflated severely, making him think he could take on the world at chess, only for Francis to break the news to him before the STATE TOURNAMENT instead of after, crushing Nate's confidence and causing them to almost lose.

    Smarty Qualities

    1. Because of his Gary Stu-ness, he is very kind and has a big heart.
    2. His poor English can be considered cute.
    3. His design can also be considered cute.
    4. You can say Nate deserved the misfortune caused by Artur's luck in some cases.
    5. Nate and Artur do seem to have a half-friendship, as Nate is sometimes kind to him.


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