Arry and Bert (Thomas & Friends)

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Arry and Bert
Arry and Bert Thomas & Friends Suck.png
"Little green/red piggy in the middle!"
Gender: Male
Type: Annoying Diesels
Species: Train
Portrayed by: Kerry Shale (Arry)
Kerry Shale (Bert, 2010-2011)
William Hope (2012-Present)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Thomas & Friends
First Appearance: "Stepney Gets Lost"
Last Appearance: "Steam Team to the Rescue"

'Arry and Bert (also known as Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert) are twin diesel engines who work at the smelters and scrapyards of the Sodor Ironworks. They have also been seen frequently working at Ffarquhar Quarry.

Why They're Really (Intentionally) Useless

  1. They're nothing more than stereotypical bullies especially in "Middle Engine" and all they do is stand around not doing a lot, they barely have any interesting characteristics to them.
  2. They act like tough idiots who only like to cause trouble and barely seem to get any punishment.
  3. It should be noted that they literally tried to scrap Stepney and were not caught. How worse can they get?
  4. Apart from trying to Scrap Stepney, they constantly bully steamers, especially Percy, as shown in the infamous "Middle_Engine"from Season 6.
  5. They were at their absolute worst in "Calling All Engines" as they cause so much trouble that they nearly caused the summer to be ruined and they act like jerks.
  6. Their personalities only worsened in the CGI Era as the acted like bullying tough idiots and they were shoehorned in episodes as plot devices.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They did end up paying for their bad behavior in "Halloween", "Percy's New Whistle" and "Thomas And The Stinky Cheese".
  2. They were both upset about what happened to Daisy in "Springtime For Diesel" which shows that they're not heartless despite trying to scrap Stepney in their debut.
  3. Sometimes, they can do good things.
  4. At the start, they were very terrifying characters that make you think they are two of the scummiest evil diesels on Sodor, sadly that was a rarity in the Classic Series as they later became regular bullies that are jerks to the steam engines.
  5. Like most of the engines, their designs are neat and fitting, even in CGI.
  6. At least they're intentionally portrayed as antagonists for the most part.