Arren (Tales From Earthsea)

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Arren (Tales From Earthsea)
“No, I can't do this.”
Gender: Male
Type: Bland Special Mankind
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Matt Levin (US) Junichi Okada (JP)
Media of origin: Tales From Earthsea

Arren is a human with dark purple tall shirt & long brown hairs. He was first appeared in 2006 Tales From Earthsea film. He was known for being exaggerated boy who killed his father for little to no reason, Arren's beloved friends is Therru.

Why He Sucks

  1. For the thing, he is really sensitive to some things that he triggers & something that he don't like.
  2. He literally killed his father (which is felt out-of-place) for NO reason! He could've got his sword instead.
  3. He has a very bland looking expression as it's emotions where he becomes stress looks creepy & cringe.
  4. He cries for unspecified reason such as when he heard Therru's sings.
  5. Nonsensical motivations: Why can't he unsheathes his sword right before Lord Cob kidnaps him?
  6. It never explained what happens to his father after the scene where Arren leaves to the buildings.
  7. He cuts lord Cob's arm with his father sword & lefts out blood splats around the scenes which is not good that he did.
  8. He is really pathetic, why can't he escape from the Slaves & why he's not gonna kill Lord Cob in the dark bedroom while he shouldn't go battle?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least what he tries that he saved Therru from being kidnapped by the kidnappers Slaves.
  2. He can still be a good character as he restored to his normal form thought he was a bad man before.