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    April Martin (Fun Size)
    "Okay, let me go and I'll let you touch my boob for 10 seconds." No way, you're very disturbing!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Stereotypical Mean Girl who is Offensive to Nerds/Geeks
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jane Levy
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fun Size

    April Martin is a main character from the critically-panned 2012 Nickelodeon film Fun Size. She is Wren DeSantis' best friend and was portrayed by Jane Levy.

    Why She Also Can't Handle Halloween

    1. Out of all of the characters in Fun Size, she can easily be considered the worst character, due to the various reasons mentioned below.
    2. She is a stereotypical mean girl who is very offensive to nerds or geeks, and her stereotype towards them is very mean-spirited.
    3. She acts very selfish and cruel towards her friends, especially Peng, to the point that she can be considered a fake friend. Here are just a few examples of her sociopathy:
      • In one scene, she mocks Wren (who is her best friend, mind you) for her Ruth Bader Ginsberg costume, not knowing who Ruth Bader Ginsberg is and saying that her costume choice is nerdy and obscure, which is pretty rude of her.
      • During the scene where April escapes Roosevelt and Peng's car while Peng was grabbing her legs, she threatens to make Peng touch her boobs for ten seconds if he lets her go, as shown in the quote above. This is not only very mean-spirited of her but is very inappropriate, out-of-place, and disturbing in a film made by Nickelodeon.
      • Later on, she decides to show her boobs to Peng in one scene, complete with gross and disturbing close-ups of her boobs and forces him to touch them. And she even hits him in the face afterward (showing that she is an awful person). Thankfully, due to Miraheze's Content Policy, no links will be shown on this page.
        • This scene also proves that she cannot handle criticism.
    4. Unlike her best friend, she gets no character development throughout the movie and instead remains the same old jerk who treats anyone around her like crap.
    5. Like most other characters, none of her jokes in the movie are funny and entertaining, and instead come off as stale, boring, and irritating.
    6. Much like almost all of the characters, her acting by Jane Levy is horrible. Considering Levy is a mostly good actress, her talents are shockingly wasted in this role.
    7. Her costume design is very creepy and unappealing, especially her face as it looks like she used up a lot of eye makeup.
    8. She never gets punished for any of the bad things she did throughout the movie, which makes her a Karma Houdini.

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. Deep down, she does care for her friends, especially Wren.
      • In fact, she shows that she cares about Peng deep down by kissing him in the end, and it's the only time she doesn't mistreat him.


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