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    Annoying Orange (The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange and mid 2014-present)

    Annoying Orange
    Classic Orange: "You're annoying."
    Modern Orange: "I'm not annoying, I'M AN ORANGE!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Obnoxious Side of Annoying Orange
    Species: Orange
    Portrayed by: Dane Boedigheimer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange
    The Annoying Orange

    Annoying Orange is the titular main protagonist of the YouTube series through his nickname.

    Sadly, he got flanderized when a TV series adaption thereof, titled The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, came out in Cartoon Network. Eventually this carried over to the main channel since 2014, where he became much, much worse than his television counterpart.

    Why He's Incredibly Annoying (and Not in a Good Way!)

    The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

    1. Right off the bat, the Annoying Orange's original web incarnation, while still a great and likable comic relief protagonist character in its own right, is a rather underdeveloped character by TV show standards, and therefore is very difficult to execute such web characters for the screen without butchering everything that made it good, as with Fred Figglehorn. Unfortunately, he suffered severe flanderization under the hands of the Cartoon Network executives to adapt the character for the longer running time of his television adaptation, which results in him being heavily unlikable and losing all the charm he previously had in the original web series, as listed below.
    2. Annoying Orange in this show provides way too many fart jokes to the point where it's not even funny is more gross and annoying.
    3. Most of his non-gross-out jokes usually consist of poorly conceived/overused puns.
    4. His web series incarnation had a crush on Passion Fruit, but for the TV incarnation of Annoying Orange, it's vice-versa, meaning that Passion Fruit has a crush on Annoying Orange, which makes little sense whatsoever.
    5. His voice sucks, even if provided by Dane Boedigheimer, who voiced him in the web series as well as creating the character to begin with.
    6. In both the HFA series and his modern web series incarnation, he comes off as both a Karma Houdini and an Idiot Houdini.
    7. He is a crybaby in the show and he cries a lot, especially in Peartergeist.

    Webseries (mid 2014-present)

    1. His character in particular hit a heavy flanderization compared to all the other characters in The Annoying Orange (in which most were only slightly flanderized) and suffered from flanderization. He originally started as a somewhat annoying, yet hilarious and friendly fruit, but nowadays, he is (unironically) annoying to the point where he isn't even funny anymore and is more of an argumentative person who causes misery to a great deal of people around him and rarely feels affectionate towards his friends, especially Pear, and even with Passion Fruit, who he has shown to freak out whenever someone mentions his crush on her, meaning he never wants to show his feelings.
    2. He has lost all of the original personality and charm he had in the prior years 2009-2013 (and to a lesser extent, early 2014), and is yet to see the light of redemption though it varies whether he was in character or not in early 2014.
    3. He tries way too hard to be hip and cool with the kids, such as him making an entire series of YouTube Shorts where he pretends to be the Skibidi Toilet.
    4. Most of his time is spent with his challenges, overdoing his comedy and going wherever he wants, doing whatever he and his fans want, and costing thousands of dollars of damage with his absent-minded or crazy tomfoolery. He has been willing to do much more for his fans than his friends.
    5. Another example of his negative aspects is how terrible of a love interest he is to his friend, Passion Fruit. Orange almost always takes her for granted, despite him being considerably lucky to have her because Passion Fruit was the first fruit that's kind to Orange, is very attractive, and has had the affection of several others around her who are arguably better people than Orange. There have been more than enough instances to show Orange has been neglecting his feelings for Passion, and all just because he doesn't want his fans to find out and embarrass him. This led to Passion dating GG for a short time (who by the way, isn't any better than Orange).
    6. He constantly ruins every single beloved story known to mankind by adding unnecessary pop culture jokes and tons of juvenile toilet humor which he claims is "enhancing", such as making Rudolph a nudist reindeer with shaved fur, making Hansel and Gretel relatives to E.T., making tons of bad flatulence puns followed by him farting, turning Sleeping Beauty into Sleeping Booty by adding three princesses, etc., just to attract people to watch his Story Time show.
    7. He is also shown to be a manipulative, atrocious, and awful friend who is always demeaning, demoralizing, pranking, bedeviling and downright abusing his friends, especially Pear. Orange let fans torture Pear, saying that he would rather please his fans than help his friends. Along with this, he openly admitted to everyone that he likes to make fun of his friends, simply because they didn't do anything or weren't entertaining.
    8. He has murdered several innocent people for no reason or second thought including children's food and elderly food. After he does this he usually laughs or forgets about it, and usually goes unpunished for this, except for the time he had brought a knife to chop up Apple, but it ended up being in Apple’s favor when he got through all the rounds in the Hole in the Wall Challenge, and Orange gets his comeuppance in the last round when he gets knocked off into the water, but he still shows no guilt for what he has done.
    9. Speaking of bringing people to kill fruits, he's also committed several acts of terrorism, like that time he had Little Apple and Grapefruit on a lie detector, and even enjoyed the torture Grapefruit was receiving, or that time he set him and Pear on another lie detector, and also enjoyed the torture Pear was receiving.
    10. He is frequently very cruel to others such as when he attacked the announcer over talking about his crush on Passion, when he threw dangerous things at a living Target logo, and when he slimed a living Brain. Even his friends aren't safe from Orange’s cruelty, in one episode, Orange whips his friends using a whip, and he changes Grapefruit’s voice to gruff and mean and then destroys Dr. Banana’s voice-changing remote.
    11. Hypocrisy: He always hates it whenever people try to hurt Pear, which is understandable, yet he does the same thing but it's even worse than everyone else does. Even Orange’s sister, Sis, and GG of all characters never physically hurt Pear.
    12. His jokes and humor have gone from being enjoyable and funny to being annoying, unintelligent, overused, boring and predictable since mid-2014. For example, he provides too many butt-jokes.
    13. He often drops stuff on Pear, some of which are dangerous, and even if the stuff isn't that dangerous, he drops more than a few, like 10,000 or above, which causes Pear serious pain, which is illegal and a serious crime, yet he always gets away with it and gets no comeuppance, thus making him a Karma Houdini.
    14. While his design still looks the same, it has now gotten uncanny and ugly looking, with his overly realistic eyes and yellow-orange teeth, which are gross.
    15. Whenever anyone, like his friends for example, calls out Orange because he's done a lot of bad things, Orange either ignores or interrupts them and acts like it is no big deal, which shows that Orange cannot handle or understand criticism.
    16. He also always ignores his fans, like how he doesn't reveal Marshmallow's gender (it's revealed in "PRIDE (Marshmallow's TRUE gender!!!)" by Marshmallow themself, not by Orange), and how he won't admit his feelings for Passion and freaks out over them.
    17. Orange has made tons of irredeemable acts so much, that it's so noticeable to see how badly butchered he was, with the "Ask Orange" episodes being arguably the worst offenders (in which for example, he blows up the kitchen with TNT). Other examples include:
    18. He has done many terrible things such as the following:
      • He destroyed the entire house he and his friends live in during "Orange Alone", which is wrong on so many levels! (despite unintentionally destroying it due to trying to fend off Grapefruit and his criminal friend who were trying to rob the house.)
      • In "Incognito Burrito (feat. Ownage Pranks)", he blew a Vuvuzella and caused the entire kitchen to collapse putting his friends in danger.
      • In "Skydiving!", he juggled chainsaws while skydiving, even when others were around him, showing that he’s oblivious to safety first.
      • In "Electrified Orange!", he used up way too much electricity by using too many electronic things and caused the power to go out. He did get some comeuppance by getting electrocuted as the power was going out, though. Also, using up the power while Pete the Pickle was trying to fix it, caused the power to go crazy and electrocute Pete to death.
      • In "High Score in Guac-a-Mole!", he whacked a bunch of Guacamoles in a very mean-spirited game, just for fun. He does get his comeuppance when he becomes the Guac-a-Mole, and he gets whacked himself, though. Also, he later played air hockey with Pear as the puck, picking him around the air hockey board.
      • In "7 Second Challenge!", he took out a purple gear from the fridge, which kept the fridge standing, so it caused the fridge to tip and crash onto the ground, breaking it.
      • In "Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge!", even if GG was a jerk, that didn’t mean Orange should ignore him and not leave just because Orange wanted to be in a video, showing he can’t handle anyone taking his spotlight despite being many videos without Orange appearing at all. Also, he puts makeup very wrongly on Grapefruit, causing him pain and misery.
      • In "Zoom Call!", he constantly annoys Pear and ignores being banned just so he can stay in the chat, another example of him not being able to handle being kicked out of the video, and eventually causing Pear to end the meeting in an understandable rage.
      • Constantly tortures his "friends", especially Pear, where the latter frequently gets punished for nothing and gets tortured by the fans, especially in the YouTube shorts Annoying Orange is now putting out.
      • To make matters worse, he encourages people to cause trouble in his HOW2 videos, such as making a "ham-booger", because he hates eating cows, and makes anyone abusive towards their girlfriends.
    19. When he's not unlikeable, he can often be a butt-monkey whenever his fans want Orange to suffer (the short "Surprise Airbag" is arguably the worst offender).
    20. His voice is extremely annoying, as it's even more high-pitched, and even sounds slightly feminine (even worse than his TV counterpart).
    21. All in all, Orange's Flanderization has destroyed the reputation of his character as a whole, to the point where people see him as the web series equivalent of Peter Griffin (seasons 8-present), in that both characters did irredeemable actions and went through heavy flanderization. This is to the point where people who used to like Orange now hate him and consider him one of the worst characters in YouTube history. It's even to the point where a few fans and haters started to dislike his character as a whole, despite the fact he was likable before mid-2014.

    Redeeming Qualities

    The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

    1. He does have some funny moments here and there.
    2. His web carnation is much more funnier and likable than his TV incarnation.
    3. He has his heroic moments, such as using his laugh to destroy the zombie vegetables.
    4. He is likable in a few episodes.
    5. While still bad, his first flanderization isn't actually that bad compared to his second one.

    Webseries (mid 2014-present)

    1. In the early years of The Annoying Orange, Orange was just acceptably annoying, but also a very charming, funny, and friendly fruit that always meant well and was very caring to his friends, including Pear, not to mention that he's still likable in the AO Gaming channel and he was never a horrible love interest to Passion Fruit before mid-2014, which makes his flanderization much sadder.
    2. To be fair, him doing what his fans ask him is at least being good to his fan service and subscribers of his channel, pleasing his fans, even if some actions he does are cruel.
    3. At times, there are moments where he can be decently funny.
    4. He is sometimes likable in some episodes and he can be seen bonding with his friends.
      • He also has a good bond with his sister, Sis.
      • He can still be entertaining in his gaming videos over on the AO Gaming channel.
      • There could be lots of people who still root for him.
      • There are also moments in other episodes where Orange has been there for his friends, having good times with them, getting some laughs, and even taking them to fun amusement parks or parties.
    5. His voice can be more tolerable sometimes.
    6. Sometimes, he receives comeuppance for his sinful deeds and shows remorse, like when he waited too long to tell Passion about his feelings and lost his chance when she dated GG for a short time.
      • At times he tried to fix his mistakes, for example when he commanded Google, Alex, and Siri, only to backfire when they turned against him and the other fruits.
    7. In more recent years, he began connecting with Passion Fruit, thus his freaking out over revealing his feelings to her began to dial down.
      • His hiding his feelings for her finally stopped in "Ask Orange #62 - Orange Goes Super Saiyan", after he saves her from GG, and admits his love to her, which was heartwarming (even if it was by showing TNT).
    8. Nowadays, he can still do heroic deeds, from time to time such as saving Passion from GG, saving Pear from a knife attack and getting his Orange peel cut off in the process, defeating Creepy Pasta and saving his friends, etc.
    9. He is not completely lacking in empathy and has moments where he does care for the people around him:
      • In "Deadline At Daneco!", he cares about the humans and was horrified that they were killed (even if it was all a dream, but it shows he has respect for humans).
      • He hates whenever someone picks on his best friend, Pear, despite doing the same.
      • In "Gaming Grape", he joins his friends and Grape in laughing at Grape’s jerk brother, Game Ball, after he loses to Grape and makes a bet Game Ball set if Grape would win, calling him Turkey Burger.
      • In "BOYZ N BERRY!", he and Pear accompany Sis and her friends to make sure they stay safe and try to replace Berry (who was absent) so he can keep the concert going for his sister.
      • In "Poppyseed!", he spit out a living seed that kept Poppy Seed distracted, and helped his friends out.
      • In "Hug a Cactus!", he helped Huggy the Cactus find the perfect girl to hug without getting bothered and hurt by his cactus spikes.
      • In "Fruit Your Own Adventure", he gives you a choice on what he should do to save Apple, and if you mess up and the thing he does is wrong, then you get a chance to redo it again until you get the good ending. This is not only refreshing to have Orange help Apple, but this is also one of Orange's best moments of his character, as you help Orange do the right thing. It's like how season 9 of SpongeBob SquarePants was the beginning of Most of the characters' redemption.
      • In "Painting Pals With Bob Moss", he wasn't too bad and got along pretty well with Bob Moss, the latter encouraging the former to get creative with his artwork.
      • In "Inanimate Orange", Orange attempts to save Inanimate Passion and even cries when she gets knifed.


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