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    Annie Lucia Munson "Old Lady Munson"

    Mrs. Annie Lucia Munson
    This is why you don't want her as a neighbor because she's mean, grouchy, heartless and abusive, and she's the WORST character in the show! Let's hope that she'll be banished from Bootsville, PERMANENTLY!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Cranky Senior Citizen
    Bad Neighbor
    Elderly Karen
    Infuriatingly Mean-spirited Filler Villain
    Age: Unknown (possibly alive since the beginning of time)
    Species: Immortal (since it's revealed in the series that she has been alive since the Old West)
    Portrayed by: Linda Sorenson (Original dub)
    María Romero (Spanish dub)
    Valentina Toro (Latin American Spanish dub)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat
    First appearance: Let the Games Begin
    Last appearance: The Incredible Shrinking Coop

    "Old Lady Munson?!"

    Coop and Burt

    Annie Lucia Munson (better known as Old Lady Munson) is the secondary antagonist of the Canadian animated series Kid vs. Kat. She is shown to be the grouchy and heartless neighbor of the Burtonburgers and is mean to almost everyone in the town (though she has a soft spot on Millie). Coop is her worst enemy because she always believes it's him who's starting all the trouble when Kat is the one doing the mess. She was voiced by Linda Sorenson.

    Why She Intentionally Needs to Be Banished from Bootsville and NEVER RETURN!

    1. She's just a typically generic grouchy next-door neighbor to the protagonist. In fact, she has no good purpose in the series whatsoever as all she contributes nothing meaningful to the main story of Kid vs. Kat and just shows how annoying, dumb, detestable, and mean-spirited she is.
      • Kat is already a pretty obnoxious character who purposely makes Coop's life stressful and almost impossible to manage, but Old Lady Munson's inclusion in the series is just to make the poor boy's suffering even worse.
      • The series gives her a lot of screentime, which is very unnecessary.
    2. While most of the human characters in Kid vs. Kat are unlikable, blind fools who misunderstand Coop and blame him for all the bad things Kat does, she is, no doubt, the worst offender as she's meaner, louder, more insane, and more unbearable.
    3. She makes for a very poor secondary antagonist as she's more irritatingly blind and poorly written than anything else.
    4. She has no good reason to despise Coop whatsoever and it's all because of how foolish and abnormal her character is.
      • Her stupidity, paranoia, and obliviousness of Kat's evil nature is the reason why she accuses Coop for every bad thing that happens to her.
      • Even if the situation is something Coop really can't do, she still blames him for it, which is just plain moronic.
      • She always finds the worst in Coop (even in the smallest situations) and keeps viewing him as a delinquent even though he clearly isn't that kind of person. Even if she doesn't know that Kat is the one causing all the trouble, she shouldn't conclude that Coop is the one at fault (She has no good proof either). Old Lady Munson has seen the way Coop reacts in every situation and she can clearly see that he's unhappy and not enjoying any of the things happening to her. Can't Old Lady Munson tell that Coop is innocent?
      • Her hatred towards Coop is also to the point of wanting everyone to view him as a good-for-nothing individual who deserves to be detested; there are scenes where she tries to badly affect Coop's reputation to make him look bad and cause conflicts in his relationship with other people.
    5. Her character design is mediocre at best.
    6. Her voice by Linda Sorenson is very grating, especially when she gets angry especially to Coop and Burt.
    7. She's also much of a worst character than Kat to the point that she is much more insufferable.
    8. She always blames Coop for everything to the point she made him do a motherload of hard work in some episodes.
    9. She is also a huge jerk to Burt, as one example of hating the Burtonburger family except for "you know who".
    10. She's hypocritical. How you ask? Read WSINTBBFBANR!#9.
      • The series doesn't even explain why.
    11. She's both verbally and physically abusive:
      • She spends most of her scenes insulting, yelling, and even threatening other characters for no justifiable reason, especially to Coop.
      • In the season 2 premiere "Something About Fiona", she locks up her niece Fiona only because she was with Coop, who didn't even do anything wrong to her.
        • In the flashback scene of the same episode, she literally crushed Burt (when he was a child) with a fence, which is a sign of her committing child abuse.
      • In "Hot Dog Day", when Coop gets chosen to face the given challenges to see if he is worthy of being the new Weiner Water Keeper for the event, Old Lady Munson starts complaining because it is him who got chosen. After that, Coop is given the precious water that he must carry while facing the challenges and he must not spill even one drop of it because if he does, he will be banished from Bootsville forever. Well, guess what? After Coop is given the precious water by the previous Weiner Water Keeper, she spends the rest of the episode trying to make Coop lose by scaring and threatening him (which also includes harshly telling him to spill it) just so he'll get exiled.
      • She was at her worst in "Coop D'Etat", where she became Coop's substitute teacher after Ms. Brannigan quit her job when she had no qualifications to be a substitute teacher. This caused her to straight up attempt to kill Coop, which is beyond horrible and painful to watch. Thankfully, her attempt at harming the poor boy ultimately backfires as she gets knocked out by Kat's exploding weapon and then gets her comeuppance by getting arrested afterwards. (As said in RQ #5.)
        • What makes it worse is that she tried killing Coop in front of a lot of kids, which is really bad. Though, it was later backfired when she gets knocked out by Kat's exploding weapon.
      • She was also at her worst in "Bootsville's Most Wanted", where she falsely accuses Coop for animal abuse and constantly cheers for Buck Diamond (a psychopathic false Animal Protection Officer) as he spends the entire episode misunderstanding and sadistically abusing Coop while also not noticing Kat framing Coop and Dennis for multiple crimes (and also always noticing the situations at the wrong times which is very unrealistic and not to mention infuriating). During the climax, Old Lady Munson sits beside Buck in his vehicle just so she could chase Coop as well and watch him get locked up for things he did not do, when he's only a kid. The cops arrest Buck because he was wanted for impersonating an animal protection officer, which is well deserved for his actions, but they don't arrest Old Lady Munson for hiring Buck to try to arrest Coop and Dennis.
        • However, she does eventually scold Buck Diamond at the end of this episode after maniacally destroying her yard by driving around it.
    12. Much like Kat, she's incredibly sadistic as she enjoys watching Coop suffer.
    13. The idea of making her the aunt of Fiona is stupid and facepalming. Furthermore, it's clearly just done on purpose just so Coop can have difficulty spending time with Fiona without getting in trouble; it's basically just another form of torture for Coop.
    14. Because of her unjustified hatred towards Coop, she refuses to let him get near Fiona, which is pretty annoying; Old Lady Munson tries her best to keep Fiona as far away from Coop as possible as she thinks he'll be a bad influence to her.
    15. She confiscated many belongings to the children and refused to give it back. She can't do that. What if they tell their parents, although they would be too hard to deal with because she is so mean, making it possible they would be afraid of her.
      • What's worse is that the reason no parents complain about her behavior is that she also confiscated their toys when they were kids. Technically, this means she can get away with her actions most of the time and the law can't touch or even arrest her.
        • In "Let the Games Begin", she stole and confiscated Coop's baseball after Millie threw it too hard which went into her yard and when he was trying to get it back from her she also stole and confiscated toys that belonged to other people and she also stole and confiscated Coop's toy helicopter along with Burt's toy plane when he was Coop's age in "Search and De-Toy" which got Coop and Dennis to get them back from her.
        • In the same episode where she stole and confiscated Coop's helicopter, she even states that whatever's in her yard it stays there, which proves how entitled she is. Not only did she steal and confiscate people's belongings like she did in the first episode but she also uses her gnomes as security systems, which Kat activated with a badminton birdie.
        • In the same episode as shown in WSNTBBFBANR#11, when Fiona was giving Coop and Burt's soccer ball back she not only steals and confiscates it but she gets too overprotective and refuses to let Fiona see Coop.
    16. She gets her own bland and annoying filler episode ("Down the Creek").
    17. She seems to be immortal and impossible to defeat, as flashbacks have shown that she was already alive in the Old West. She also can't be killed by anyone because if one bites her, especially a snake, turns to dust. This is such a lazy explanation to her durability.
      • She also has superhuman strength which makes no sense.
    18. She never realizes that Kat is responsible for everything that happens to her.
    19. Old Lady Munson also has the tendency to play the victim in situations because whenever people don't do things her way, she keeps treating them as the ones in the wrong.
      • She generally doesn't acknowledge her mistakes and doesn't ever feel guilty or remorseful for her actions, which just proves the point that she's an extremely selfish and callous individual who almost never admits that she's wrong.
      • Not to mention, she never apologizes to anyone for her actions, making her heartless as well.
    20. She rarely gets scolded or called out for her actions and her behavior by anyone, which makes her more unlikable in the process and a karma houdini.
    21. Like most characters in Kid vs. Kat, she is so oblivious of Kat's true nature in a way that it's impossible not to see anything.
      • In "Down the Creek", there is a scene where Kat attacks Coop and Dennis with a rocket launcher right in front of her, but she doesn't notice this despite how obvious it is.
      • In "Coop D'Etat", she doesn't notice Kat shooting lasers out of his finger and using a weapon even though she's actually looking at him doing it.
    22. In "Catch My Drift", she refuses to give her muffins to Burt after he was finished shoveling her driveway, those ridiculous requests she forced him to do, and she burps in Burt's face after eating all the muffins.
    23. In "Hack Attack", she makes a song of Coop and Phoebe sitting in a tree in her version while wearing Phoebe's shirt.
    24. In "Bringin' the Heat", she wears a yellow leopard mini bikini which it is not only inappropriate for a kids show but it comes as fan disservice as she's an elderly overweight lady, much to Burt's fear, thanks to his childhood incident that took place back in his 8th birthday.
      • In the first part of the episode, Burt shows Coop and Dennis a video recording of his 8th birthday party. Things were going well in the party at first until Old Lady Munson crashes the party while shamelessly wearing that overly revealing bikini right in front of Burt and his friends (who were only little kids at the time). Most of the children in the party run away in fear after seeing Old Lady Munson's barely covered body. Right after that, we see Burt and his close friends (Dwayne and Dizzy) freeze from what they just saw and then Old Lady Munson tries to reach for a four-leaf clover right in front of them; while she was reaching for it, she carelessly sticks her butt out right in front of the three boys (which causes them to severely freak out from the horrible sight).
        • Coop: Was that what I think it was?
        • Dennis: I'm always up for bizarre creature sightings, but this is the one time I wish it was a hoax.
        • Burt: I wish it was too, but it was all too real. To this day, Dwayne can't even look at a birthday cake, noisemakers send Dizzy into twitching fits, and the heat wave give me the chills (shivers).
        • (Burt showing Coop and Dennis a thermometer outside the house that shows the temperature of the weather and the top of it shows a picture of the same kind of bikini Old Lady Munson wore many years ago, meaning that if the mercury in the thermometer reaches to the highest point, it means that the temperature is hot enough for Old Lady Munson to get out of her house wearing that skimpy bikini again)
        • Burt: If the temperature reaches the "Teeny Bikini Threshold", that horrible bit of neighborhood history will repeat itself.
        • (Burt, Coop, and Dennis hear a noise and immediately see Old Lady Munson hanging her bikini on a clothesline)
        • (Dennis screaming in horror)
        • Burt: My only advice to you is... live, live darn it! while there's still time, because like me, your childhood memories are about to be scared (tightly hugs Coop and Dennis)... forever!
    25. Like Tom's Owner (Gene Deitch era) from the Gene Deitch era of Tom and Jerry and Puffy Fluffy from the infamous SpongeBob SquarePants episode "A Pal for Gary", whenever Coop or Kat doesn't cause problems, or rather Kat causing problems for her and making Coop being the guilt, she appears to be a happy and calming elderly woman especially when she sees Millie, who she finds her adorable and being the only one kind of person she loves, giving him some kind of a suspiciously split or two-faced demeanor ala Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but NOT in a good way though.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. There are times she can be hilarious:
      • Her catchphrase "BURTONBURGER!!!!!!!" is funny.
      • The scene in "House of Scream" where Coop and Dennis were escaping from one of Kat's traps and they use her as a toboggan.
        • "I'm a lady, not a toboggan!"
      • The scene in that same episode where Coop was saving everybody with her umbrella from another one of Kat's traps and after Phoebe kissed him.
        • "I'll take my property back, thank you very much!"
      • The scene in "Kat of Diamonds" where she accidentally breaks her back and screams in pain is humorous and honestly satisfying considering how horrible she is, especially to Coop.
        • "Ooh, Mommy's feeling better, Growler. A few more days and I'll be right as-- (gasps) BURTONBUR-- AH! MY BACK! This will send me back another two weeks! OW! OW! OW!"
      • There is a scene in "Coop D'Etat" where she creates a mold of her angry face on a metal vent by headbutting it and it looks pretty hilarious. (Which must've broken her skull in the process afterwards.)
      • A brief funny moment where she gets crushed (and flattened) by a giant pumpkin in "Reap It and Weep", which is somewhat satisfying for her horrible actions.
        • "Planted by a pumpkin!"
        • "You win this round, Burtonburger, but I'll get you, next year!" - Flat Old Lady Munson
      • Some of her facial expressions do look pretty funny.
    2. Even though she doesn't realize that Kat is responsible for everything that happens to her, she still hates Kat.
    3. Her alternate future counterpart in "Kat to the Future Part 2" is actually likable.
    4. Sometimes, she does get her comeuppance in the episodes she appears in, namely in "Coop D'Etat", where she was arrested for her actions.
      • She sometimes do get called out for her actions and her behavior, notably by Coop in "I'm Okay, You're a Kat".
    5. Whenever she isn't raising her voice, her voice doesn't sound too unpleasant; there are some times where she doesn't complain, insult, or yell at others and her voice during those times isn't too grating.
      • The Latin American voice actress, Valentina Toro is not all bad and can be quite funny at times especially considering the fact that said voice actress dubbed Grandma Gigi from Irmão do Jorel (Jorel's Brother), Mrs. Brenda Shoop in the third season of Clarence, Alejandrita in the first season of Steven Universe, Jasper from the aforementioned series and Grandma SquarePants from later seasons from SpongeBob SquarePants.
    6. She isn't always mean to Coop since there were some moments where she congratulated Coop such as in "The Grass is Always Meaner" and "Buzz Off!".


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