Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)

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Angelica Pickles (Rugrats)
"You dumb babies!"
Gender: 'Female
Type: Dumb Baby
Age: 3
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Cheryl Chase
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Rugrats

Angelica Charlotte Pickles is the main antagonist and secondary tritagonist of the Nickelodeon series, Rugrats. While this is so, she acts more as an antihero in the films and often sides with the babies at the end against the films' respective main villains. She is voiced by Cheryl Chase, both in the original and reboot series, and is among the series' original characters.

Note: This page will only focus on her original series counterpart.

Intentional Bad Qualities

  1. Despite her purpose of being unlikable, her unlikeability in the series is not the type where you can still enjoy the character despite not being likable to the other characters. Her unlikeability gets very frustrating and annoying too.
  2. Much like Caillou, D.W. from Arthur, Peppa Pig, Angelina Ballerina, and Lola Loud from The Loud House, she is a spoiled brat and a toxic control freak who wants to forcefully make everyone get what she wants without thinking of others.
  3. She's just a stereotype of one of those mean girls, but not the good kind.
  4. She's tempestuous, tyrannical, and very mean towards everyone around her, with her mainly bullying everyone for no reason whatsoever and there are episodes where she is arguably at her worse.
  5. In the infamous episode "Trading Phil", where she forced Phil to play with Kayla and Marli so she can hang out with the cool kids. Not to mention, Kayla and Marli were very unlikeable.
  6. She is very manipulative and spoiled too, as she often manipulates her parents into getting whatever she wants.
  7. Whenever she gets a chance for something that will satisfy her, she does all her wickedness can to be sure that she gets it.
  8. She's cruel towards many kids, especially to her cousins Tommy and Dil, Susie, and the rest of the babies for no reason at all, it doesn't make that much sense considering the fact it is never given a reason as to why she bullies them all the time.
  9. She cannot handle being told off and punished by her parents, as seen in "Runaway Angelica" where she throws a meltdown in her room and completely destroys it too all because her father punished her for playing with his office equipment and vandalizing his important office papers, even going as far as to run away all because of it, thankfully, she did apologized at the end.
  10. Her voice can be very grating at times, especially when she yells or sings.
  11. Her obsession with cookies and her dislike of healthy foods can cause mischief at times.

Good Qualities

  1. She has a cute design, like many of the other Rugrats characters.
  2. Cheryl Chase does a decent job voicing her except when she sings and screams.
  3. She does have a few funny moments, like when she ate cookies that were in the soap and bubbles come out of her mouth, and when she fell into a mud puddle while serving the Rugrats and Susie at their little party.
  4. She often gets her comeuppance for her bad actions where she ends up getting punished for what she did, so you can argue that she's not a Karma Houdini in the slightest.
    • In "The Trial", when Angelica openly and loudly gloats to Tommy that she was the one who broke his lamp, Didi and Betty overhear this and they punish Angelica by strapping her in Tommy's high chair in the kitchen until her father arrives to pick her up.
    • Towards the end of "Chuckie's Wonderful Life", her father Drew has found out that Angelica had stolen Chas' favorite Latvian Folk Dance CD after catching her throwing it around her room and angrily dragged her to Chas' house to return the CD and make her apologize before he punishes her with no desert for a whole week.
  5. Though rarely, she can feel some remorse for her actions at times and there are even moments where she apologizes for her irresponsible actions.
  6. She does care for her friends and family deep down, as she loves her parents dearly, shows she really loves the babies, has respected Susie and Harold at times to be their friends, and will do the right thing at times to help them.
  7. She's has gotten some character growth that can make her likable sometimes, such as in the movies, where she helps save the babies during their adventures. Like in Rugrats in Paris in particular, is where she is way more likable than she was in the original show which is shown in the scene where she felt bad for Chuckie being motherless and when she exposed Coco's plan to the adults, she also became more tolerable in the Rugrats reboot.
  8. She redeems herself when her older teenager self appeared in the spin-off, All Grown Up!, who has become nicer, mature, and more likable.
  9. To be fair, her hatred towards babies is somewhat understandable due to how annoying babies can be.
  10. In regards to IBQ#1, she was pretty much meant to be hated for her unlikable status.


  • In 2002, Angelica Pickles was ranked #7 in TV Guide's Top 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters list (which also included SpongeBob SquarePants at #9 and Ren and Stimpy at #31). SpongeBob was notably the most recently-created character to be featured on the list at the time of its publication.



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