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    Angela (Talking Tom & Friends TV series)

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    Untalking! What happened to you, Angela?! First you were good in a bad show, then you turned bad in a good show! Go figure!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Flanderized Determined Singer
    Species: Cat
    Portrayed by: Lisa "Lisbug" Schwartz (Talking Tom & Friends)
    Armelia Tyler (Talking Tom Shorts)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Talking Tom & Friends

    Angela, often referred to as Talking Angela, is the deuteragonist of the 2010 Slovenian franchise Talking Tom & Friends.

    While she was good in Talking Friends, she was sadly flanderized in Talking Tom & Friends.

    She is voiced by Lisa "Lisbug" Schwartz.

    Untalking Qualities

    NOTE: This will only focus on the TV series Talking Tom & Friends as well as the second season of Talking Tom Shorts, because Angela in the apps and in Talking Friends is more likable.

    Talking Tom & Friends

    1. The main problem with her is that she is the complete opposite of how she is normally supposed to be portrayed. Rather than being a friendly benefactor and a caring partner towards Tom, she is rather naggy, especially towards Tom, Ben, Hank, Ginger, and Becca for no apparent reason at all and almost acts nothing like her counterpart in the previous Talking Tom show.
    2. Most of the time, she comes across as very mean-spirited towards others and will get mad at them for something so minor or something that was beyond the scope of their control:
      • In "The Assertive App", she drops the assertive app on purpose to destroy it when she could have just given it back to Tom.
      • In "Angela's Critic," she suggests that Tom "doesn't like her music," which is false because as much as Tom admittingly does not like "What's Not to Love", not that anyone can blame him though, this does not guarantee that he "does not like her music."
      • In "Extreme First Date", she assumes that Tom is late to their date because he is a "jerk" and she then writes an extremely cringeworthy and ear-piercing song about it, causing him to come in right at the end of the song, get rejected, and also has everyone throw food at him because a guy said, "Hey! That's the jerk from the song!"
      • In "Boyfriend Stealer" she gets mad at Tom just because she thinks he is spending too much time with Becca to the point of throwing fits, destroying the party, and yelling at Becca. While it is understandable for her to get suspicious, she overreacts a lot.
    3. She appears as an extremely toxic fangirl in "Every Man's Dream" as she has a crush on a character in a movie because he's "hot", which is cringeworthy and dull.
    4. While most of her songs are not bad, some of them are rather cringeworthy and annoying, like "What's Not to Love," which has very annoying lyrics and an awful beat.
    5. She's just another one of those mean popular girls.

    Talking Tom Shorts

    1. She has been flanderized again, but to become someone who is quite abusive and sadistic towards Tom.
      • She never regrets her actions; yet we are supposed to root for her.
    2. Although she is voiced well, it can be annoying when she is shouting.
    3. Once again, Outfit7 ruined her charm and made her quite anti-heroic.

    Talking Qualities

    1. Despite acting like a jerk to Tom and his friends for the most part, she at least still cares for them and does love all of them deep down.
      • In some episodes, she does fix, realize, or make up for her mistakes.
      • She sometimes has a proper reason to be mad with Tom or the gang:
        • While she was mean-spirited to Tom in "A Garage Affair", she has a right to be angry at him for forgetting their date and thinking she is overreacting.
    2. Lisa Schwartz, aka Lisbug, and Armelia Tyler in TTS do great jobs with their voice performances as Angela.
    3. She does have a pretty design, and it's also better than her design in Talking Friends.
    4. The series would not be the same without her.
    5. She's iconic still, and her charm's here.


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