Angela (Talking Tom & Friends, seasons 1, 2 and 4)

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Angela (Season 1).png
Gender: Female
Type: Determined singer
Species: Cat
Portrayed by: Lisa Schwartz
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Talking Tom & Friends

Angela, often referred to as Talking Angela is the deuteragonist of the Slovenian franchise Talking Tom & Friends. Despite being good in the previous Talking Tom show, she was considered unlikable in seasons 1, 2 and 4 of Talking Tom & Friends.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem with her is that she is the complete opposite to how she is normally supposed to be portrayed, rather than being a friendly benefactor and a caring partner towards Tom, she is rather naggy, especially towards Tom, Ben, Hank, Ginger, and Becca for no apparent reason at all, and almost acts nothing like her counterpart in the previous Talking Tom show.
  2. Most of the time, she comes across as very mean-spirited towards others and will get mad at them for something so minor or something that was beyond the scope of their control.
    1. In "The Audition" she says that Tom, Ben and Hank's singing is "terrible" even though it isn't even that bad; it's just off key.
    2. In "The Assertive App" she gets mad at Tom, Ben and Hank because they weren't there to help her with her concert when they should have been. While this is understandable, she comes off as irritating and rude.
      • She also drops the assertive app on purpose to destroy it when she could have just given it back to Tom.
    3. In "Hank's New Job", she gets mad at Tom and Ben for watching TV all day even though they are allowed to do what they want and had no idea that Hank was having such a bad time.
    4. In "Extreme First Date", she assumes that Tom is late to their date because he is a "jerk" and she then writes an extremely cringe-worthy and ear-piercing song about it, causing him to come in right at the end of the song, get rejected and also has everyone throw food at him because a guy said "Hey! That's the jerk from the song!".
    5. In "Boyfriend Stealer" she gets mad at Tom just because she thinks he is spending too much time with Becca, to the point of throwing fits, destroying the party, and yelling at Becca. While it is understandable for her to get suspicious, she overreacts a lot.
  3. She often jumps to conclusions way too much and is very delusional to how she thinks of people's opinions on her song. Which is shown in "Angela's Critic", where she suggests that Tom "doesn't like her music" in, which is false because as much as Tom admittingly does not like What's Not To Love (not that anyone can blame him though) this does not guarantee that he "does not like her music".
  4. She appears as an extremely toxic fangirl in "Every Man's Dream" as she has a crush on a character in a movie because he's "hot" which is cringeworthy and dull.
  5. Whilst most of her songs aren't bad, some of them are rather cringe-worthy and annoying like "What's Not to Love", which has very annoying lyrics and an awful beat.
  6. She cannot handle criticism and often gets very upset whenever someone dislikes her music. As mentioned earlier, she suggests that Tom doesn't like her music just because he dislikes What's Not To Love in "Angela's Critic". Later in the same episode, she gets extremely mad because Victoria Payne made a negative review on her song "What's Not To Love", whilst it may be understandable to be sad about considering the fact that Victoria was originally nice to Angela when she first met her and Victoria did come across as very cruel in that review as she literally tells Angela to never sing again, but it still kinda shows that Angela is unable to handle criticism.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite acting like a jerk to Tom and his friends, for the most part, she at least still cares for them and does love all of them deep down.
    • In spite of her cheerful naivete and bossy attitude, she along with Tom is one of the nicest cats around.
    • She also did slightly redeem herself in Seasons 3 and 5 and became much more likeable.
  2. Some of her songs are good and nice to listen to, such as "Payne Can't Hurt Me" which is better and improved than her previous song.
  3. Lisa Schwartz does a pretty good job with her voice performance as Angela.
  4. She does have a pretty design (and is also better than her design in Talking Friends).
  5. The series wouldn't be the same without her.


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