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    André Bourgeois
    Bon sang, même s’il n’a jamais rencontré le président français Emmanuel Macron, qui est bien plus responsible que ce maire à la con. (Heck, even if he never met the French president Emmanuel Macron, who is way more responsible than this bullshit mayor.)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Horrible Father and Corrupt Mayor of Paris
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Joe Ochman (English)
    Gilbert Lévy (French)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
    First appearance: Lady Wifi

    "André: "That's stupid if you do that! I'll be fired— I mean, I'll fire you, and Chloé and Lila will be reinstated anyway!"
    Denis: "I don't care! For too long, I've been sacrificing my principles for interests that go against the common good. Find someone else to do your dirty work!"

    Denis Damocles finally standing up to André after four seasons being scared of him and his power in "Confrontation", even if it meant losing his job.

    Mayor André Bourgeois is a recurring character in the 2015 computer-animated magical girl superhero television series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. He is the former mayor of Paris and the owner of Le Grand Paris and the husband of Audrey Bourgeois, the father of Chloé Bourgeois, and the stepfather of Zoé Lee. He is voiced by Joe Ochman.

    Personnalité (Personality)

    André is an approachable and regal man, though he is very willing to be manipulative, deceptive, and degrading when it comes to his political or personal goals. Rather prideful, André tends to care more about his wealth, prestige and her daughter than the welfare of the people of Paris. He enjoys being rich and making more money as he notably allows Jagged Stone and his crocodile to occupy a room at Le Grand Paris upon learning that he is rich, but he doesn't like losing money. While capable of acting like a proud leader, he can also be quite cowardly and gullible. If he is facing a villain or his daughter is in danger, André can easily become terrified and unsure what to do, but he will act professionally despite his fear under some circumstances. When serious, he knows when to listen to advice and commands from others, most notably from Ladybug and Cat Noir. He is easily persuaded by his family when they urgently need something, and scrambles to do their bidding, not caring if it is unfair. While André is typically more calm than passionate, he'll get angry when he feels like someone is harming or disrespecting him or something he cares deeply about. Specifically, his love for his daughter leads him to become furious if she is wronged in some way or in peril.

    But if the request crosses the line, André puts his foot down and refuses to comply, for example in "Queen Banana", André refuses to hurt Zoé when Chloé calls for backup.

    Although open and prone to questionable choices and responses, André figures out his wrongdoings every once in a while. He sometimes unprofessionally jumps to conclusions about situations and demands action that goes against the law, but when he realizes his mistakes, he does try to learn from them and make things right with anyone he wronged, such as Roger Raincomprix in "Rogercop". In another instance of this, in "Reflekta" he initially agrees to help the title villainess trick Ladybug and Cat Noir for Reflekta's promise to turn him back to normal in return, but later regrets his actions and agrees to Ladybug's request to drive Juleka back to school from the TVi studio. Albeit an egocentric leader, André can be genuinely kind and patient. He is grateful for good, hardworking, and brave civilians and heroes that thrive in Paris.

    André is revealed in "Sole Crusher", to have given up some of his dreams as a perceived necessity for achieving his other goals.

    But as time went on André began to realize that a life of power and high status isn't what he wanted nor was working out as well as see how this status affected other people and when being consulted by Gabriel, as the close friends they were, Andre wanted to change for the better and wanted Gabriel to come with him believing it wasn't too late for them. And yet, he can be hasty with decisions as he gave up his position as mayor too quickly without thinking what was going to happen if he did.

    By "Revolution", he finally sees the consequences of his actions seeing how it turned his family into monsters especially his daughter and wife. With that, it finally gave him the courage to set things right as he finally disciplined Chloe and renounced his ties with Audrey by exiling them to New York.

    As Malediktator, he was a completely tyrannical supervillain who used his powers to make others do what he wanted. He still cared for his daughter, though, as he attempted to make her dreams come true so that she'd stay in Paris with him.

    Des Qualités tout à fait Ridicules (Utterly Ridiculous Qualities)

    1. He treats his daughter, Chloé, like a perfect child, even though she's a jerk to the people around her, allowing her to maintain her spoiled brat ways.
    2. He's doesn't acknowledge that Chloé causes a lot of trouble in Paris or caused a majority of the city's Akumatizations.
    3. Speaking of which, whenever an Akumatization is occurring, he's completely helpless as any authority figure, and has proven to be a total coward toward Akumas. He is also not a good mayor.
    4. He blatantly abuses his mayor powers to order people around, showing that he cares more about his power and family than the people of Paris. Maybe that's where Chloé gets her rude behavior from.
    5. His poor judge of character and caring skills resulted in Roger Raincomprix, Sabrina's dad, and a police officer, being Akumatized into Rogercop.
    6. He is arguable at his worst in “Confrontation” when after Chloe and Lila get busted sabotaging student career forms expelled from school, Andre tries to force headmaster Denis Damocles to rescind both explulsions and legitimize the sabotaged career forms so the students future would be ruined, despite the evidence of the girls wrongdoing and almost gets him akumatized. Although Denis stands up to the mayor, allows the students to redo their career forms, expels Lila, and resist akumatization thanks to the support of the other students and the charm given to him by Marinette, Denis still gets fired from his position and Andre gets away unpunished for his role in this.
    7. Because of his actions, half of Paris has been Akumatized by Chloé's hand.

    Qualités Miraculeuses (Miraculous Qualities)

    1. Joe Ochman does a decent job at voicing him.
    2. He has a solid character design.
    3. He does feel bad and does give Chloé her comeuppance at times.
      • He stood up to Chloé when she asked him to send Zoé, her half-sister, back to New York in "Sole Crusher".
      • He shown to be a little upset when Chloé dropped and destroyed Clara Nightingale's microphone in "Frightningale".
    4. In the final episodes of season 5, he finally sees the consequences of his actions and how it turned his family into monsters especially his daughter and wife. With that, it finally gave him the courage to set things right as he finally disciplined Chloe and renounced his ties with Audrey by exiling them to New York.
    5. Overall, he is the most tolerable character in the Bourgeois family.

    Commentaires (Comments)

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