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    Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey (Fifty Shades series)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: The topics about their sex scenes throughout the entire series are explained in this page.

    Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey
    The worst couple in all of Universal Pictures. Also the worst Anastasia of all time (Guess who's better)
    Gender: Male (Christian)
    Female (Anastasia)
    Type: Abusive, Mean-Spirited Couple
    Unlikable Protagonists
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jamie Dornan (Christian)
    Dakota Johnson (Anastasia)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fifty Shades series

    Christian Trevelyan Grey and Anastasia "Ana" Rose Grey [née Steele] are the main protagonists of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, which was originally developed from a Twilight fanfiction series originally titled Master of the Universe.

    Ana is the daughter of Ray and Carla; Christian is the son of Carrick and Grace, and the brother of Elliot and Mia. Both characters are the parents of Theodore and Phoebe.

    Why They Should Break Up


    1. They are both some of the most hated characters in literature and cinema, as both of them are masochistic rip-offs of both Edward Cullen (Christian) and Bella Swan (Ana) from the Twilight franchise respectively (both of which are already terrible characters to begin with), and therefore feel like fan-made pornographic parodies of both Edward and Bella respectively, but not in a good way, meaning that they are already doomed from the start based on this fact alone. So why rip-off characters that are already bad to begin with?
    2. Their actors do a really bad job portraying them for the most part, especially from Jamie Dornan as Christian in all three films. Dakota Johnson as Ana is no better; her acting is also very boring.
    3. They barely even have a proper story or plot.
    4. Most of their sex scenes are rather poor, dull, unattractive and just come off as forced.
      • It gets worse in the second and third films. In the second film, it's a joke and very tacky since they made a terrible degradation; apparently, it seems that it was done by a university student who does not know anything, which 80% of people will be discouraged since no scene will be salvageable.
      • In the third film, the sex scenes are a huge step backwards as they are still unattractive, flat, and not at all seductive as they still have the same problems as the previous movie, only now they are abruptly short, especially in the first scene, and some scenes, they leave a lot to be desired as in the scene where they have sex in the car since its worth mentioning that the windows of the car are completely visible, which becomes more awkward and dull than arousing.
    5. Their portrayal of BDSM in the first film is terrible and inaccurate, as both of them actually romanticize sexual abuse.
      • In fact, their relationship is more about abuse than love.
        • For example, Christian tells Ana to do stuff; she does it with no force, but when he told her to do something and she responded with no, he gets angry at her.
    6. They have poor pacing because of their sex scenes, which can come off as boring, and take up most of the films.
    7. They don't improve throughout the series, as they are as flat as cardboard and almost nothing is interesting or likable about them.
    8. The series tries so hard to have them be romantic and sexy, but it fails and they become really boring and bland.
    9. They also have laughable dialogue for the most part, like where Christian and Ana say "Good morning wife" and "Good morning husband".
    10. They have one of the most forced happy endings of modern cinema.


    1. He's definitely the most unlikable out of the main duo as he stalks and abuses Ana throughout the first film!
    2. He also treats Ana like some kind of sex toy in the second film, and while Ana herself isn't particularly likable, the way he treats her actually makes you feel sorry for her.
    3. He also gets upset about Ana not changing her email name from "Steele" to "Grey" when it's not really a big deal.


    1. The main reason why she's unlikable is due to her being a huge Mary Sue, and is also stupid enough to not see the red flags coming from Christian Grey's actions.
    2. She is also dumb for marrying Christian and deciding to stay with him.

    Redeeming Qualities


    1. While their sex scenes from the first film are somewhat forced, are sometimes arousing and seductive to watch, and many are well done, such as the ice on Ana's body. Unfortunately, the following films degrade these scenes a lot.
    2. The ending scene where Christian and Ana broke up in the original cut of the first film was great, as this shows that Ana realized that Christian is a jerk and that she deserves better. It's unfortunate that the pair get back together anyway in the extended cut and the sequels.


    1. The second film is where Dakota Johnson's acting as Ana is the most good, as it's a significant improvement from the first film (though the same couldn't be said for the third film though).


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