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    Amy Rose (Sonic X)
    Amy Rose.png
    "There's been lots of times when Sonic did something or didn't do something that made me wonder why I ever liked him. But in the end, he always comes through for me. He may do crazy things and he may do stupid things, but he never does dishonest things. That's why I'll always have faith in him."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Rosie the Rascal
    Age: 12
    Species: Hedgehog
    Portrayed by: Lisa Ortiz
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sonic X

    Amy Rose (Japanese: エミー・ローズ Emī Rōzu) is one of the main characters of the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. While friendly and caring sometimes, if she feels threatened, she can instantly turn into a heavyweight hothead. She is shown to be really stubborn and bossy throughout the series much to the annoyance of a few characters. She is Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, and her long-term goal is to get Sonic to ask her out on a date. She unfortunately got flanderized during the Sonic X anime.

    Rascal Qualities

    NOTE: This will only focus on how she was badly butchered in Sonic X (especially in the English dub), not her video game counterpart, since she is likable in general.

    1. She was massively flanderized as she received a huge bratty, sulky, and immature personality that has often upstaged her kind side. It makes Sakura Haruno look like a saint in comparison.
      • While Sonic and Amy do have sweet moments, much like Chris Thorndyke, she is VERY clingy and possessive toward him to the point where she was willing to crush a rock in order for the two of them to be together forever.
    2. Her love for Sonic is heavily exaggerated up to psychotic levels that she'll lose her sanity if Sonic doesn't want to be with her, and she's always clingy to him.
    3. Despite supposedly being a "nice girl", she acts like a bitchy mean girl.
    4. Not only is she bratty, but she even has been abusive a few times. She has also even threatened her own friends a few times, like in one episode where she threatened to hurt Chris if Sonic wouldn't go out with her on a date.
    5. She's had many moments of whining and complaining about things that just come off as grating.
    6. Outside of her plans of winning Sonic's heart always fizzling, she tends to come off as a Karma Houdini as she's never called out for her brattiness.
    7. She's also a hypocrite. She has called out Knuckles a few times for being so short-tempered, yet she's more short-tempered than he is.
    8. She kicked a little girl who thought she was a teddy bear on the subway train. Granted, she only did that because the girl wouldn't stop talking while pulling her ear, but she even cried!
    9. In the third season, her bratty moments became more frequent as it was used as some of the season's comedy.
      • In Cosmo's debut episode, she assumed Cosmo liked Sonic in a romantic way, even though there was no evidence of it.
    10. She makes poor judgments such as mistaking Shadow for Sonic. Sound familiar?

    Rosie Qualities

    1. She was a much better character in the games and to be fair, she is more tolerable in the Japanese version. You will probably notice a massive difference between 4Kids and the original dialogue with the way her personality is conveyed.
      • For example, in one episode of season 3 (4kids dub), Amy makes a declaration that she and Sonic will get married. However, she was only swooning over a date in the original version rather than marriage. While her character was already somewhat flanderized in the Japanese dub, 4Kids insisted on making her more condescending and arrogant than she originally was in the Japanese version.
      • This means that if 4Kids had stayed completely faithful to the original script and did not cut out scenes with her, then Amy would have at least been a decent character and not as obnoxious or disliked so much by the fanbase.
      • She was a better character in season 2, particularly during the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 arcs.
    2. Despite being aggressive and violent (in a bad way), she still serves great use in combat and has managed to get out of being a damsel.
    3. Amy cares very deeply for her friends. She still gets some episodes where she is kind and compassionate.
    4. Her Sonic obsession and short-tempered moments can come off as funny or comic-relief on some occasions.
    5. Her US voice actress, Lisa Ortiz, put in an excellent performance, and was a great casting choice.
    6. Her design is admittedly cute and adorable to look at and is 100 percent faithful to her design from the games.
    7. In spite of her obsession with Sonic, she managed to have moments with him that are sincerely sweet and touching, with the best example being almost the entirety of "The Last Resort," the 9th episode of Sonic X.
    8. Sonic X wouldn't be the same without her, as she is not only a fan-favorite character but also a staple in the franchise.
    9. She is tolerable sometimes.


    • Both Amy and Tails appeared in the second-largest number of episodes of Sonic X (72 episodes), but in a different order.
    • In "Sonic's Big Break" Amy's legs are miscolored peach when she turns her head to look at a G.U.N. robot.


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