America Chavez

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America Chavez
America Chavez.jpg
"I'm Captain America." "Wait, did you say Hitler?"
Gender: Female
Type: Obnoxious Mary Sue
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Marvel Comics

America Chavez is a Marvel Comics characters and the second Miss America after Madeline Joyce.

Why She Sucks

  1. Her origin doesn't make any sense. The writers never really nail down if she's from another dimension or alternate reality and she was somehow birthed by two mums with no explanation how. Said origin is also ripped off of Steven Universe, with her planet being ripped off of Homeworld and her people being ripped of the Gems. Even Mass Effect had a better explanation with the Asari, an all female alien race.
  2. Despite being from another dimension or reality, she for some reason sounds so much like a bronx latina.
  3. Her powers are generic and quiet similar to Captain Marvel, making the two reductant.
  4. She's a Mary Sue.
  5. She's a narcissist.
  6. She's probe to saying ridicious lines like "holy menstruation".
  7. Many Spanish-speaking readers have found themselves completely removed from the moment because the Spanish felt like it was written by Google Translate. This is probably because Gabby Rivera doesn't actually speak Spanish.
  8. She equates Captain America with Hitler.
  9. She steals Captain America's punching out Hitler. She also only goes back in time simply to punch him and do nothing else, when she could have prevented the holocaust while she was at it. And if she was contained about the butterfly effect, maybe going back in time just to punch a guy might not have been the best idea.
  10. She got tired of being a superhero and thought that helping people was enormous bore for her. This is similar to Zoom from the Arrowverse said he found being heroic to be "exhausting".
  11. She has been cancelled and relaunched several times.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her MCU debut, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness actually made her better and she is shown to be an insecure teenager who is out of touch with life and reality and only wants to have a proper family. She also gave Stephen Strange motivation to protect and better himself. His father/daughter relationship with her is very precious.
  2. In the Marvel animated movie series, Secret Warriors her appearance is actually bittersweet, she feels like a fish out of water and is bitter and angry whenever anyone brings up her dead parents. Thankfully, she comes around and views Kamala Khan’s family as her own family, often coming over to eat at her house.


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