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    Amelia Duckworth (Bizaardvark)

    Not to be confused with the My Life Me character with the same name.
    Amelia Duckworth (Bizaardvark)
    "Yay, my idea!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Annoying Blonde Stereotype
    Age: 15 (season 1)
    16 (season 2)
    17 (season 3)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: DeVore Ledridge
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bizaardvark
    First appearance: First!
    Last appearance: The Beginning of the End

    Valerie Amelia Bailey Duckworth is the deuteragonist in the 2016 Disney Channel comedy television series Bizaardvark. Amelia also has her Vuuugle channel called "Perfect Perfection with Amelia" with over 1,000,000 subscribers. She is portrayed by DeVore Ledridge.

    Why She's An Annoying Blonde Stereotype

    1. She is so braggy about her popularity that it's very annoying.
    2. In the episode "Puff and Frankie", she literally got so butthurt when Belissa, Paige and Frankie's biggest fan, didn't want to subscribe to her channel, so she tries everything to get her to subscribe to her channel, which means she is thirsty for subscribers.
    3. She tries to make every single thing about her.
    4. She is also a rip-off of Emma Ross (another Disney Channel show) in Jessie and its spin-off series Bunk'd, who is also a blonde stereotype, but is done much worse.
    5. She reads too much on some small action and jumps to conclusions.
    6. All she cares about is her fame and beauty. ...beauty.
    7. She was extremely unlikable in "Pretty-Con".
      • A little girl was being extremely nice to her, but she was awfully mean to her and keeps thinking that the little girl was mean to her.
    8. In "Control + Alt + Escape!", Amelia made so much poor choices that made Paige and Frankie's situation worse.
      • She was very dumb and annoying. They were trying to sneak out of Victor's house that they were kidnapped in, and Amelia yelled and got them caught.
    9. She teaches the show's target audience how to be materialistic.
    10. In episode "The Summer of Us" (despite being likable) Amelia edited Bernie out of his own video.
    11. Her humor is weak, unfunny, and forced.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She is likable in the beginning as she teaches Paige and Frankie to improve their channel which is a nice thing to do.
    2. She did improve in seasons 2 and 3 but not really saying much since she is very flawed in those seasons too.
    3. DeVore Ledridge did a good job portraying her.
    4. She's nowhere near terrible as Dirk Mann.
    5. Amelia Duckworth can be a bit funny at times, despite WS'sAABS#11.
    6. She's really beautiful and cute, despite WS'sAABS#6.


    • DeVore Ledridge said on her TikTok that she was actually auditioning for different characters before being asked to be auditioned for Amelia.


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