Amelia (My Life Me)

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Not to be confused with the Bizaardvark character with the name name
The drama queen of Pod One.

Amelia is the primary antagonist of the short-lived 2010 show My Life Me.

Why She Sucks

  1. Her only defining personality trait is her role as an alpha female.
  2. She constantly thinks of no-one other than herself. This is especially apparent whenever she mistreats her subordinate, Zeke, for the smallest of problems, making her a constant narcissist.
  3. She is constantly manipulative, especially in "True Colors", where she essentially attempted to use Raffi and Birch against Sandra and Liam by branding them as "traitors", though her plot eventually backfired.
  4. She is not above resorting to dishonest means for her own benefit, such as in "Back to the Stone Age", where she attempted to circumvent Cosmos High School's temporary rescindment of electronic devices on campus by hiding cell phones in her shoes and even on her buttcheeks.
  5. She is just another embodiment of the "mean girl" stereotype, with no other proper characterization.
  6. Like the rest of the show, she's badly animated. She's also especially infamous for her hair bang constantly switching sides in-between scenes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Even at her worst, she's still much more competent than Nanette Manoir.
  2. Her singing voice is phenomenal.


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