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    Amanda the Adventurer

    Amanda the Adventurer
    "Won't you help the lonely kitten!!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Animal Abuser
    Extremely Evil Girl who always tortures Wooly
    Age: Unknown (possibly 7 or 8)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Chelsea Lecompte (Demo)
    Blair Greene-Osako (Full Game)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Amanda the Adventurer

    Amanda the Adventurer is the titular antagonist of the indie horror Game Jam video game of the same name. She is a monster that is the host of an early 2000s children's cartoon Amanda the Adventurer, where she takes the form of a little girl. She is the sidekick of a sheep named Wooly.

    Why She Intentionally Doesn't Deserve Apple Pie (Intentional Bad Qualities)

    Note: While plenty of people like Amanda the Adventurer, she is an extremely flawed character.

    1. First and foremost, she is an extremely evil girl who always tortures Wooly, which proves she is an animal abuser, much like Bobby Generic from Never Seen Before Bobby's World Video.
    2. She has tortured Wooly multiple times in the game.
    3. Another problem is that her voice, provided by Chelsea Lecompte in the demo version, sounds extremely dreadful because she sounds more like a teenager or an adult rather than a child, similar to the voice that was given to Princess Amber from Sofia the First.
    4. She never gets her comeuppance for committing animal abuse, making her a Karma Houdini.
    5. Not to mention that she is also a rip-off of Dora Marquez from Dora the Explorer, but with none of the charm and likability Dora had, in fact, due to how extremely flawed she is, she can make Dora's seasons 5-8 self a saint in comparison.
    6. In the second version of the third tape called "Oh No Accidents" she is at her absolute worst, as when Wooly wasn't feeling good, she decides to be a doctor, give him some milk as a medicine, and when Wooly starts to feel dizzy, she mocks him, and at the end of the tape, she downright kills Wooly with the saw, which not only is proof that she is an animal abuser, but also shows that she is very evil.
    7. She is shown to throw tantrums when things don't go her way. An example of this is that in the fifth tape called What's a Family, she asks the player if they will help the lonely kitten, and if the player says no multiple times, she throws a huge meltdown and destroys everything in front of her all because the player won't help her, which is not even a big deal.
    8. She is shown to lie to the player as well, as in the first version of the third tape "Oh No Accidents", when Wooly was crying, she is seen starring at Wooly angrily, and when she notices the player was watching her the whole time, she decides to say "Oh no, Wooly got an accident", when in reality, she caused his injury.
    9. She always ignores Wooly when he tells her not to do something. In the fourth tape, Wooly tells that not everything rots, and then she yells at him "I'M NOT ASKING YOU!!", which is very mean.
    10. She stand in the dark being creepy and then she said it dark out let ɡo home while the player press the playɡround she saw home when he click it aɡain the moon disappear and she said click the house and he close on the door and she said knock on the door but the player click on the window but she want ɡo inside while he refused amanda to let in while click the window and then disappear and then she said let me in and then while door knocked and opened and they beinɡ creepy and her eyes and neck and then she say hello and then she eat him/her while she ɡoes other people houses while it dark that is the most worst creepiest part and will ɡive them niɡhtmare

    Good Qualities

    1. She was finally called out by Wooly for how much she abused him in the secret tape in the demo version, as Wooly says that he has enough of her always abusing him, but she kills him for that, which is why he doesn't appear in the last tape of the demo.
    2. The only tape in the full game where she is likable is "We Can Share", the final tape, as when the player says no to her about telling a secret to them, she says "I thought you were different", which means she actually accepted the fact.
    3. Her voice massively improved in the full game as she now sounds like a child, thanks to Blair Greene-Osako.
    4. Carrying on from WSIDDAP (IBQ)#5, she was created with the sole purpose of being a parody of Dora.
    5. Due to how evil she is and how she treats Wooly, it can be obvious that she's meant to be disliked.


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