Amadeus Cho (2015-present)

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Amadeus Cho (2015-present)
Amadeus Cho.jpg
Would you believe he used to understand that you DON'T want to be the Hulk.
Gender: Male
Type: Rip-Off Character
Age: 19
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Marvel

Amadeus Cho is a Marvel Comics character who would later replace Bruce Banner as the Hulk.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. The "Totally Awesome Hulk" thing sounds desperate.
  2. He lacks the struggle that Bruce Banner had with the Hulk.
  3. He's turned into a douchebag who won't stop bragging about how smart he is.
    • Its also something of an informed ability now as he never acts never smart anymore.
  4. He spits all over Banner's struggles with the Hulk by treating it like a cool party trick. His enjoyment of it also makes him look like a psychopath.
  5. It also goes against earlier characterisation from before he became the Hulk, when he said that no should want to be the Hulk.
  6. The original Hulk is torn down to prop him up.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Before he became the Hulk, he was actually a decent character who really was as smart as he made himself out to be, curing the original Hulk.


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