Alvin Seville (Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks)

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Alvin Seville
You know he's that bad when Dave loses his sanity. Anyways, ALVINNNN!!!!
Gender: Male
Type: The Annoying, Idiotic, and Manipulative Side of Alvin
Age: 45 in chipmunk years
Species: Chipmunk
Portrayed by: Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Alvin and the Chipmunks

Alvin Seville is the main titular protagonist of the 2015 reboot, Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks. He is the leader of the novelty band David Seville and the Chipmunks. He is normally a mischievous, egotistical chipmunk that has a caring side still and is generally very relatable in older iterations.

Sadly, he was flanderized extremely badly when the reboot came out.

Why He Drives Dave Even Crazier Than Before

Note: This only applies to his character in the 2015 reboot.

  1. He was heavily flanderized by the time the reboot came, as his personality was exaggerated to the point where it is unrecognizable. Instead of being mischievous but innocent and relatable, he is now basically a unlikable jerkass sociopath who always does dangerous things just to get what he wants, kind of like another flanderized character.
  2. As most characters in the reboot, his design is extremely ugly, poorly animated and he doesn't even look like a chipmunk that much.
    • In fact, he looks more like a human than a chipmunk, which is bizarre and honestly kind of creepy.
  3. He no longer takes responsibility for his actions, and either makes a stupid excuse for it or blame it on someone else. Most often the person he attempts to blame is one of his brothers.
  4. Speaking of his brothers, he is repeatedly abusive towards them, even worse than in previous incarnations, such as stealing Simon's inventions, and most often being cruel to Theodore. Some major examples of him doing so are:
    • In "Talking Teddy", he makes Theodore do his chores and sell his money.
    • In "Safety Third", he manipulates Simon to change his bus to a car, and then steals Simon's car, and breaking it.
    • In "The Great Snack Off" (the episode where he was at his worst), he nearly blows off Theodore's head after stealing one of Simon's inventions!
  5. He is even slightly disturbing, as in "Principal Interest", he has a crush on his adult, human principal (yes, really) which is both zoophilic and pedophilic (since the principal is an adult human while Alvin is a young chipmunk) and a promotion of bestiality. He also ends up getting in Dave's way just to talk with him, and even deliberately gets himself expelled!
  6. He is very hard on his owner/father, the great and glorious savior David Seville, especially in the infamous episode "Alvin Management".
  7. He didn't get punished for his behavior a few times. For example, he didn't get punished after torturing Theodore in "Talking Teddy".
  8. He usually never learns from his lessons, and just does something stupid the next episode.
  9. Unlike his older iterations, you can never feel for him or even relate to him.
  10. In the earlier episodes in season 1, he keeps claiming that he is the "mature" one when he is the complete opposite of mature, which is immature because the reasons mentioned above.
  11. Overall, he is an unlikable jerk which is probably why he and the reboot suck, considering he is supposed to be the main character, and people will most likely not enjoy a show with a mean-spirited main protagonist.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He was much more likeable and better written character in all other media.
  2. Though rarely, he does have his likable and selfless moments and still remains his old personality in the 1980's show occasionally like the other main characters in the reboot who aren't flanderized much worse as he is.
  3. Deep down, he still loves his brothers and David/Dave, despite how he treats them.
  4. He does have a nice singing voice. And despite his design being uncanny, his design does look cool to some people.
  5. Of course, he does get karma for most of his actions, so he's not a Karma Houdini for the most part.
  6. Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. reprised his role as Alvin, and still does a good job voicing him.
  7. He has some hilarious scenes and funny humor in this show.
  8. He teaches good lessons and morals sometimes:
    • In "The Great Snack Off", despite him being at his worst and torturing Theodore, he does show you that you shouldn't play the game where you throw food up in the air and try to catch it with your mouth because there will be consequences. Which is definitely shown when he gets his comeuppance when he starts choking on an apple trying to prove the game only is dangerous to Theodore.
  9. He has been improving since Season 2, as he became more tolerable in later episodes, he has less gross-out humor (mostly), and he has more tolerable moments, but he isn't perfect, as many of his flaws still remain.


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