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    Alpha Lexa
    "I'm Alpha-Awesome!" Yeah, right...
    Gender: Female
    Type: Spoiled "Cat"
    Age: 10
    Species: Tabby cat
    Portrayed by: Unknown (2018-2019)

    Julia Stockton (2019-present)

    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Ryan's World
    First appearance: Let's Play Gang Beasts

    Alpha Lexa is a character from Ryan's World. She's a young teenage pink colored cat who has a condition called heterochromia iridium (two different colored eyes). She is the optimistic female of the group, who despite being a girly character, is very good at gaming.

    As the first major female character in the franchise, she is a fan-favorite among many and has a somewhat iconic appearance, with her two different-colored eyes and pink and blue fur.

    She was voiced by an unknown voice actress in 2018-2019 and is currently voiced by Julia Stockton.


    Alpha is a sassy but sweet and fashionable kitten who is obsessed with princesses, the color pink, sparkles, stars, and hair accessories; however, she also enjoys playing sports, acting, and baking. She is an optimistic, mature, caring, and empathetic friend who will do what she can to make a person feel better. Despite this, she has a fair share of times where she acted a bit bossy or egotistic. She is mature and creative, but she can be a bit emotional at times.

    Why She's More "Alpha-Atrocious" Than "Alpha-Awesome"

    1. Despite the Ryan's World website claiming that she is a young teenage cat,[1] she acts like a spoiled brat who only cares about her life. Sound familiar?
    2. She is a "girly", psychotic, and annoying gamer cat who, like the other Ryan's World characters, lacks any real character development.
    3. She can be a jerk and mean popular girl.
    4. She cries over the smallest things, like a failed science experiment.
    5. Her voice, while alright for the most part, can be somewhat irritating to some.
    6. She doesn't respect others' opinions, like when some of her friends were a "little bit mad" about her being the school news reporter.
    7. She is also quite dumb and naive as she thinks swallowing gum will give you superpowers.
    8. She starts arguments for little or no reason at all.
    9. She can be treated like a butt-monkey at times like when she was tied to a Christmas tree and her ideas were ignored in some episodes. This can be seen as sexist as Alpha Lexa is the only main character to be female.
    10. There is one episode in which there is a scene where Peck, another Ryan's World character, faints, and Alpha Lexa just stands there and laughs at him along with Combo Panda, making them bullies.
    11. Her singing voice is annoying, especially in this video.
    12. Her design can easily be mistaken as a fox or skunk rather than an actual cat.

    Alpha-Awesome Qualities

    1. She cares for others and can even be likable at times.
    2. Her design looks more exotic and original than most of her friends.
    3. Along with Gus the Gator, she is far more tolerable than Combo Panda and sort of acts like a mentor/motherly figure to him when he's being a goofball.
    4. Her voice is tolerable at times, despite being slightly irritating.


    • Her design is possibly inspired by Jigglypuff from Pokémon and the titular character from Unikitty!.
    • In the franchise's retelling of The Three Little Pigs, she specifically states that her food is vegan, possibly making her this, although in other episodes like Spreading the News, she has a liking towards meat such as tuna.
    • Alpha hosted her own series of gaming videos on the Gus channel, like this one.
    • While she debuted on Vtubers on April 8, 2018, she was briefly seen as a Christmas ornament in "Ryan Helps Santa", an animation released on December 9, 2017.
    • She is the Sunnyside School news reporter as seen in "Spreading the News".
    • She can predict earthquakes seconds before they hit.
    • She is commonly referred to her first name ''Alpha''.
    • She is an Anglophile, which is a person who loves learning about the United Kingdom.
    • Her birthday is on November 5.
    • Her favorite food is tuna.


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