Alfe (The Problem Solverz)

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Alfe (The Problem Solverz)
"I Am Awesome!" No, you’re not.
("Alfe's the Boss!" No, you’re not.)
Gender: Male
Type: Extremely Gluttonous Creature
Species: Man-dog-anteater hybrid
Portrayed by: Ben Jones
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Problem Solverz

"The brown thing. That's Domo...If he was hit on the head and given brain damage. This Domo thing's name is Alfe, and I hate him."
Mr. Enter
"And the "comedy" is mostly lame-brained fart jokes or just.. revolve around the... Brown thing binge-eating!"
"Especially that f**king brown thing that it looks like it's gonna haunt me in my nightmares. He's an incredibly unlikable character. Like, I'm not kidding, In one of the episodes, he's eating pizza, he wants to eat his friend's pizzas, and then he gets angry when they don't give him any. What a f**king a**hole."
Yoshi Player

Alfe is a character as well as one of the main protagonists from Cartoon Network/Netflix's critically panned series The Problem Solverz. He is voiced by the series' creator, Ben Jones.

Why He's Not Awesome (Why He's Not the Boss)

  1. To start off, out of all the characters, Alfe has to be arguably one of the worst characters ever seen in the show and by character history.
  2. His design is ugly like the rest of the characters from the show. Not to mention, but he looks nothing like a large, fluffy, man–dog–anteater hybrid as he was supposed to be, and more like a Domo-kun abomination or either a turd monster, as the show's creator Ben Jones described him to be one.
  3. He has a huge unhealthy obsession with pizza and sometimes hamburgers (as seen in "Hamburger Cavez"), which usually causes him to headbutt with anyone getting in the way of his pizza cravings.
    • This is the case in the episode Time Twister as he has so much of a fetish for pizza, he uses the time coaster and unknowingly brings back dinosaurs just so he can get even more pizza.
  4. His voice is very annoying to listen to, as it sounds too hoarse considering he’s voiced by the creator, Ben Jones.
  5. He is a very huge jerk, even to his friends and teammates Roba and Horace.
    • In Time Twister, when Roba wants to scan Alfe's pizza, he doesn't want Roba to eat it and acts like he doesn't have pizza. When he has enough, he eats it and blames it on Roba for making him do that, making Alfe hypocritical.
  6. Everything he does is usually unfunny and obnoxious.
  7. He has shown to be very lazy.
  8. He is extremely reluctant and doesn’t care that much for his friends.
  9. He acts very immature and goes on rampages whenever he doesn’t get his way such as not getting pizza or getting called off for eating too many hamburgers.
    • He was at his worst in '"Alfe Has a Baby". He is jealous because Horace and Roba don't think he's responsible enough to take care of a baby, which is very true (see WHNAOTB #13). In that same episode, he does irresponsible stuff to better enforce his unreliable traits.
  10. He always gets into fights with Roba and makes his life really bad, and he also usually beats up Roba just for fun (see WHNAOTB #5).
  11. He likes to get a problem solved very quickly, even if it's boring and takes time to be resolved.
    • In Time Twister, he put all of the kids into the coaster very quickly to get it solved in an impulsive manner.
  12. He rolls up into a ball whenever he’s scared or when he's easily tired or bored, it looks very weird to watch the way he does this.
  13. He is very destructive as well where he tends to destroy stuff and property in his way. He also says his name loudly when doing this, which can be annoying to the viewers.
    • There are many episodes and moments of him doing this. The worst offenders are the episodes Alfe Is Da Boss, Alfe Has a Baby, K-999 and Da Little Explorerz, Time Twister, Glam-Vampire Hunterz, Mermaid Raid, and "Alfe's Gonna Run Away".
  14. He barely shows any empathy towards others.
  15. He even watches Roba and Horace sleep and breathes heavily, which is just downright creepy.
  16. In "Time Twister", he refuses to share the pizza with Roba and Horace and just guzzles it all up without leaving any slices (WHNAOTB #4 details for more).
  17. His monster design in "Hamburger Cavez" is downright horrifying.
  18. His segment "Ask Alfe" is very random. When he has simplistic questions, he answers them with the weirdest stuff ever imaginable.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are moments where he has shown emotion.
  2. He did improve a little in Season 2.
  3. He doesn't always act like a jerk, at least mostly in Season 2.
  4. He does have some hilarious moments here and there.
  5. He does have some times where he is likable.


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