Alex and Daisy (Magical Girl Friendship Squad)

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Alex and Daisy (Magical Girl Friendship Squad)
Alex and Daisy.jpg
These are our "heroes", everyone.
Gender: Female
Type: Meanspirited Bitches
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Anna Akana
Quinta Brunson
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Magical Girl Friendship Squad

Alex and Daisy are the two main protagonists of the infamous animated series on SyFy, Magical Girl Friendship Squad.

They are both young women in their early 20s living in an apartment who are struggling to find new jobs after being fired from their previous ones. They then encounter a goddess named "Nut", creator of the entire universe disguised as a red panda, who turns them into magical girl superheroes after mistakenly hearing they're heroes due to them making a John Wick 2 reference.

Daisy is voiced by Anna Akana, while Alex is voiced by Quinta Brunson.

Why They Suck

  1. They are both very mean-spirited and their jokes, along with the show, fall flat and are unfunny.
  2. They leave you pretty bad impressions during their first scene at the beginning of the first episode, because the first thing they do during that moment is immediately make fun of a guy who just got his wallet stolen.
  3. Daisy is an obnoxious and spoiled girl who has a massive ego.
  4. After defeating the first villain they fight, they outright murder her by chopping up her remains and then shove them in their garbage disposal, stinking up their apartment in the process.
  5. They are both two dimensional and we hardly know much about them.
  6. Their choice of weapons as magical girls are very stupid. For instance, Alex's is birth control, and Daisy's is a bong.
  7. In the original version of the show, Daisy's design was very confusing, because she looked more like a guy.
  8. Some of their attacks are stupid and most of the time gross. For example, Alex uses her period to rain on bad guys, killing them instantly.
  9. In the third episode, they leave behind all the victims that were stuck in comas captured by the main villain of the show, except for Daisy's parents, who are part of a religious cult.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Alex is more tolerable than Daisy.
  2. Their designs were improved in the official release of the show.
  3. The voice acting from them is passable.
  4. The scene from the first episode where they become magical girls for the first time and then using coats to cover their revealing outfits is pretty clever.


  • Daisy voice actress, Anna Akana who voiced Sasha Waybright from Amphibia and Alex voice actress, Quinta Brunson voiced Quinta Foreman form Big Mouth.


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