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    Allan Amazing (Sidekick)

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    Allan Amazing
    "Pedophilia and bullying are above the law in Splittsboro, as long as looks matter."
    Gender: Male
    Type: So-called "Pretty Boy"
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Scott McCord
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Sidekick
    First appearance: News at 11AM
    Last appearance: Eric Amazing

    The Grim Gerbil (cameo)

    Allan Amazing is a minor character from the 2011 YTV series Sidekick. He is the pretty-boy student at Sidekick Academy and makes his first appearance in the episode "News at 11AM". He is voiced by Scott McCord.

    Why He's More "Allan Awful" Than "Allan Amazing"

    1. He's just your generic pretty boy who everyone goes gaga over, just because he looks so handsome.
    2. Underneath being a nice, handsome, and all-around perfect person, Allan is a vindictive, manipulative, and selfish person.
    3. Allan uses his charm, good looks, and flattery to get people to like him, while his aggression and threats are used to intimidate and eliminate any competition.
    4. Whenever someone or something threatens Allan's obsession with his own popularity and perfection due to his good looks and personality, he becomes straight up violent.
    5. He's displayed to be a pedophile, as he is dating Vana Glama and Kitty Ko, who happen to be 12 and 11 years old respectively, and he's literally 16 years old.
    6. Unsurprisingly, like almost everyone in Sidekick, he is absolutely unlikable and selfish; only caring more about himself, and he is also similar to Van Tastic from Whacked!
    7. Although he's supposed to be Hispanic, he is Italian in the Latin American Spanish dub and Filipino in the Japanese dub for no explained reason.
    8. Every time he gets extremely angry, he rips his shirt off! What the heck, Alan?!
    9. In "Eric Amazing", it took Allan 5 whole hours to become/look "amazing".
    10. Much like Trevor Troublemeyer, he is an absolute jerk towards Eric, and nobody seems to care, because he's Mr. Handsome, better than perfect, an amazing guy, and for no other reason. This also makes him a mean popular boy and Gary Stu combined.
      • In his debut appearance, he threatened to crush Eric like a bug, yet nobody cared.
    11. He's a Karma Houdini, since he mostly gets no consequences for his actions.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His voice by Scott McCord is decent.
    2. He does get punished sometimes, but that doesn't spare him from being in the Karma Houdini category.
    3. Much like the other characters in Sidekick, his design is pretty good, despite WHM"AA"T"AA"#1.
    4. He does have a fair share of times where he is likable.
    5. Much like the other characters in Sidekick, he can be funny at times.


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